Why Rihanna's Fans Are Going Wild Over Her Latest Outfit

Rihanna and her jaw-dropping outfits always cause an internet frenzy, but her latest look seems to have spurred even wilder reactions. Taking to Instagram on May 11, Rihanna shared a picture of her new 'do while promoting her new Fenty Skin product. "touch dat BUTTA baby," she wrote in the caption. "one thing bout #BUTTADROP , it's gon give what's its s'pose to gave!!!"

The new Fenty Beauty product, an oil-based body cream, then launched the next day. "Butta Drop glides onto your body so effortlessly," Rihanna said about the product (via Fenty). "It's my favorite self-care moment because it's so pampering, so uplifting, so indulgent and so easy. I wanted skin to look vibrant and healthy and feel hydrated and nourished at the same time."

Despite Rihanna's glowing skin, it's the outfit that really caught her fans' attention. In the new picture, Riri rocks cornrow braids, a white crochet mini-dress, and a matching pair of $930 Bottega Veneta sandals. Her shoes, in particular, had fans speculating about a possible collaboration with another superstar known for breaking the internet (and recently causing a spike in Crocs sales).

Fans think Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are working together

The same day Rihanna posted the Instagram picture above (May 11), Nicki Minaj also shared her latest look, seemingly teasing a verse from her upcoming release. "Btchs act like they want action, heard they want action, btch we aint duckin no action," Minaj's caption reads. "I'm bout to giv'em dat traction, send a distraction— then ima line'em like FRACTIONS. F R I D A Y [crossing fingers emoji]."

It's her outfit, however, that had fans thinking her upcoming release may be a collab with Rihanna. In the picture, Minaj is rocking the same Bottega Veneta sandals as Riri, just in a yellow color. If that wasn't enough, the two superstars followed each other the same day they posted said pictures (via The Shade Room). Was it just a coincidence? Fans don't think so.

"Nicki and Rihanna wearing the same shoe brand, them posting a pic on the same day, and re-following each other back on Instagram??!!! wtf is going on #NICKIISCOMING," one surprised fan tweeted. "Rihanna and Nicki Minaj got the same shoes on in they most recent. Let me grab my thinking cap," another one wrote.

"Yea. You and Nicki finna drop a hit lol. I can feel it with the bottegas," someone commented under Riri's picture. One particular stan even stumbled upon a Genius lyrics page, listing a possible track from Minaj and Rihanna called "Fractions," scheduled to drop on Friday, May 14. We'll keep our fingers crossed!