What We Know About Gayle King's Ex-Husband

There's a zero percent chance you don't know who Oprah Winfrey is, and thus an equally small chance you don't know her other half. No, we aren't talking about Stedman Graham, we're talking about her longtime BFF Gayle King.

King is a media maven in her own right, though; even if she doesn't have the same star power and name recognition as Oprah, she works just as hard. King co-hosts "Good Morning America," a gig which requires her to wake up at the crack of dawn, then heads across town to serve as an editor O: The Oprah Magazine. Just like Winfrey, King makes sure to make time in her hectic schedule for love. The storied journalist married William Bumpus, an assistant attorney general from Connecticut. Together they share two children whom they welcomed after tying the knot in 1982. Sadly, they divorced a little over a decade later, per The Sun.

So what do we know about this mystery man from King's past? We dig into the nitty-gritty below.

Gayle King and her ex had a very messy split

When Gayle King met her now ex-husband, William Bumpus, he seemed like he had it all. The UK native had a charming accent, and a reported net worth of around $20 million, per The Sun. The couple spent ten happy years together raising their two children, a son, and a daughter (pictured here). But, as they say, all that glitters is not gold.

It all came crashing down when King reportedly found Bumpas tangled up in bed with another woman. King has talked openly about the painful split, and the time she spent in counseling trying to process the pain. In a 2006 interview with Will Smith, she said, "I went to marital counseling. I have been divorced since 1993, so I'm all healed and everything. I have worked it out."

For his part, Bumpus has tried to make amends as well. More than two decades later, in 2016, Bumpus finally issued a public apology. "Though I have dealt with this privately, I publicly apologize for the major transgression that dramatically changed all of our lives," he said when speaking to Entertainment Tonight (via The Sun).

Even though things definitely were rough for a while they seem to be all good now. "I have nothing but the utmost respect for Gayle and how she handled herself with grace," he said. "I continue to be a work in progress and have spent the last 26 years striving to be a better man and father. I applaud Gayle's continued phenomenal success and friendship!"