The Real-Life Partners Of The Cast Of Chicago Med

"Chicago Med" is on fire. From the non-stop life-saving action to the sizzling medical romances, the series delivers doctor drama in emotionally charged episodes. The Dick Wolf-produced series forms part of the "One Chicago" franchise, with occasional crossovers from the likes of "Chicago P.D." and "Chicago Fire," that follows a group of medical personnel as they fight for their patients' lives in a fictitious Chicago-based hospital. However, the doctors' and nurses' personal lives also provide just as much entertainment as the medical front, and viewers are captivated with the heart-wrenching stories Wolf and his team dish out.

Although some cast members have let the "Chicago One" franchise such as Sophia Bush and Monica Raymund, "Chicago Med" boasts stalwart actors such as Brian Tee, Nick Gehlfuss, "America's Next Top Model" finalist Yaya DaCosta, Torrey DeVitto, and Oliver Platt, who have been part of the original cast since the beginning. But what happens after the cameras stop rolling? Are their relationships also chaotic or do the actors have significant others they return home to? It seems as if these cast members also have their own stories to tell, and for some of them, it's been a fairy-tale ending.

Brian Tee and Mirelly Taylor found love

Ethan Choi is the Head of Emergency Medicine on "Chicago Med" and just broke up with Nurse April Sexton, played by Yaya DaCosta, after finding out that she and Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) had become rather cozy. Luckily, Brian Tee's personal life is void of any heart-rending love triangles. The star is happily married to Mirelly Taylor and they have one daughter together. 

Taylor is a Mexican actor who nearly chose another career path, according to Eerie Digest, until she fractured her skull at 19. She spent three days in a coma with doctors telling her mother (who's also a medical practitioner) that she probably would not make it. Just before brain surgery, her little brother touched her arm and said her name. In that split second when she woke up, she had "such clarity" about her path forward. She "enrolled into a two-year conservatory for acting." In the interview, she described Tee as "my soul mate" and revealed that they "take time for ourselves outside of our careers."

In 2015, the actor told People about the women in his life and raved that Madelyn Skyler was an "angel baby." He gushed, "As soon as she was born, there was just this incredible overwhelming power of love that completely filled my existence." Talk about a picture-perfect romance.

Nick Gehlfuss wed Lilian Matsuda who stood by him

Dr. Will Halstead of "Chicago Med" seems to always come up short in the love department. It seemed as if he and Dr. Natalie Manning, played by Torrey DeVitto, were on the path to wedded bliss before she lost her memory. And when she got it back, he was no longer feeling her. Short-lived romances with Elsa Curry and Hannah Asher followed, per Distractify.

In stark contrast to the busy doctor's social life, Nick Gehlfuss has been married to the beautiful Lilian Matsuda since 2016. He shared a wedding snap on Instagram and also spoke to People about his secret nuptials. "I wanted to invite a lot of my castmates, but, because we're a franchise, I would have had to invite the entire 'Chicago' franchise. I started on 'P.D.' and I went to 'Fire,' and now with 'Justice,' it would have been crazy."

In an interview with The Detroit News, the actor revealed that Matsuda stood by him when he was a penniless actor. "I hit rock bottom and was broke. I didn't have any money," he shared. At the time, she worked in hotel marketing and helped him financially as he tried to find his feet. She also followed him to Los Angeles, and now they live in Chicago. Recently, he played hairdresser and shaved his wife's head. If that isn't bald-headed, crazy love, what is?

Yaya DaCosta was never married

Those who followed "America's Next Top Model" will remember Yaya DaCosta who nearly clinched Cycle 3's top spot, per Entertainment Weekly. The Brown University alum was catapulted into instant stardom and had roles lined up, including the lead role of "Whitney" in the biographical memorial film. She also has been playing April Sexton opposite co-star Brian Tee's Ethan Choi since the series began. While April struggled to get pregnant on-screen and needed fertility treatments, DaCosta had a son Sankara Alafia in 2013.

But contrary to popular belief, she was not married to her baby daddy. Say what? The news of their split first hit when she told MadameNoire that she and film producer Joshua Bee Alafia were no longer together. Turns out they never got hitched in the first place. "But no, I never got divorced because I was never married, first of all. But I did have a child with someone, which is more of a commitment than marriages these days anyway. I broke up with him right after the birth because like I said, it was an enlightening experience," DaCosta revealed.

However, she puts her son's interests ahead of her own. "But I definitely make it a point to ensure that my son has a relationship with his father because everyone should," she divulged to the outlet. She still keeps her personal life under wraps. Way to go, mama!

Torrey DeVitto and Cubs manager David Ross are Instagram-official

As Cinema Blend notes, Dr. Natalie Manning's personal life on "Chicago Med" is complicated and things don't look much better on the romance front. But in real life, Torrey DeVitto has found someone. "Love him madly," she captioned an Instagram photo of her kissing Cubs manager David Ross in May. She was previously married to Paul Wesley, an actor, until they divorced in 2013. Since then she has been paired with Rick Glassman, Artem Chigvintsev, Jesse Lee Sofer, and most recently "Blue Bloods" star Will Estes. At the time, she told Us Weekly, "I don't think I'd be able to connect with somebody who didn't have a passion of either giving back or wanting to use their good to help the world in whatever way they could."

Her new beau, Ross, has certainly given back, just ask any Cubs fan. According to CNN, the former catcher helped Chicago beat Cleveland in 2016 when he hit a home run that helped them win their first championship since 1908. Ross now manages the Cubs and has appeared on "Dancing with the Stars." Hopefully, the new couple will find many other reasons to celebrate.

Oliver Platt and Camilla Campbell have been married for a long time

Dr. Daniel Charles, the Head of Psychiatry at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, always looks for deeper issues. And although he may be a brilliant physician on "Chicago Med," Charles has already been married four times to three different women. However, things couldn't be more different for the man who plays Charles, celebrated actor Oliver Platt.

The 61-year-old has been married to Camilla Campbell since 1992 and they have three children together. He once told The New York Times, "For me, having a family is a crucial, life-saving antidote to show business." Perhaps that is the secret to the longevity of their union.

According to the trustees' bio page for the liberal arts institution, Vassar College, Camilla Campbell obtained her B.A. from Boston University's College of Communications. In his wedding pic that he posted on Instagram in 2017, Platt wore his heart on his sleeve. "25 yrs ago today. In Webster's next to 'lucky' is a pic of me #iloveherso," he gushed. Here's to another 25 years of wedded bliss!