Inside Reza Farahan And Mercedes 'MJ' Javid's Friendship Today

Bravo fans rejoice — a new season of "Shahs of Sunset" is just around the corner! The first official trailer for the ninth season of the Bravo reality series dropped in April 2021, teasing plenty of drama to come ahead of the premiere on May 16. 

Cast members Reza Farahan, Mercedes "MJ" Javid, Mike Shouhed, Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, Destiney Rose and Nema Vand are all slated to appear in the forthcoming season. If the trailer is any indication, these Bravo-lebrities are bringing the drama in spades, but does this drama extend to MJ and Reza's relationship, or have the pair managed to patch things up?

Viewers may remember that Season 8 was a real low point for the duo, who were at odds after Javid was accused of spreading cheating rumors about Farahan's husband, Adam Neely. In the midseason trailer, Javid had some harsh words for her former bestie, snapping at Farahan to "go back to your stupid husband, cheat on each other, go to bath houses." Farahan, for his part, maintained that his best friend of 30 years had "betrayed him" and he had "the receipts to prove it," (via Entertainment Tonight). It sounds ominous enough to end the friendship for good, which begs the question, are Farahan and Javid on speaking terms today?

MJ is in a good place after feuding with Reza

Onscreen conflict makes for good ratings, but it can take a toll on TV stars. Thankfully, Mercedes "MJ" Javid shared that she's looking forward to the upcoming installment of "Shahs of Sunset" because it's not as emotionally heavy as previous seasons. 

"I'm looking forward to seeing it, I'm looking forward to reliving it," she told E! News. "The toxicity of last year will not be there this year, and I'm extremely grateful for that." In part because she's made an effort to mend fences with her frenemy, Reza Farahan. Describing the pair's relationship as "better" and "evolving," she opened up about how their ongoing fight was "the most difficult thing I've ever had to go through." She continued, "I know that Reza and I deep down, we really want to get to a really close place and it's going to take a lot of work."

Farahan agreed, telling E! News' Daily Pop that the coronavirus pandemic unlocked some deep soul searching that prompted him to examine his relationships in a new light. "We just in our household decided to take all of the negative and try to channel it in a positive way," he shared. "So when we got locked down, Adam and I just rebuilt our lives. Every relationship in our house, everything we consumed, everyone we talked to." It's a safe bet that the duo's reconciliation will be a major storyline in the new season!