Mercedes Javid's Net Worth: How Much Is The Shahs Of Sunset Star Worth?

Mercedes "MJ" Javid is one of the most controversial cast members on Bravo's "Shahs of Sunset," especially given her long lasting feuds with, well, most of her cast members. Still, going into Season 9, MJ might be a brand new woman. She's back on her real estate agent game, per Bravo, making her a working mother, now that she has son Shams Francis Feight, who was born in 2019. It's lucky that she is able to practice real estate at all, given that her license was restricted due to the fact that, at age 18, MJ was charged with bank fraud. 

Yup. Back in 1990, per Starcasm, Mercedes was working at the Home Savings Bank in Beverly Hills when four men approached her to take part in a scheme. They threatened her family if she did not participate, so she made deposits for the men — over $100,000 in all — and would hold the deposit and then withdraw the money for them. They did not even compensate her for the scheme, but she still had to pay $10,000 and go on probation. Because bank fraud can be loosely related to real estate, her license to practice is always in limbo, per Radar Online. Yet, despite her previous crimes, MJ is still worth a ton of cash. Read on to find out just how much. 

The Shahs of Sunset are paid well

While Mercedes "MJ" Javid works as a real estate agent, the bulk of her income likely comes from starring on Bravo's "Shahs of Sunset" for nine whole seasons. Per Celebrity Net Worth, she is worth a cool $5 million. She's the clear breadwinner in her marriage. Her husband, Tommy Feight, is a marketing director for Blow & Drive Interlock and his estimated net worth is less than $1 million, per Famous People Today. Per TV Guide, the "Shahs of Sunset" were reportedly making about $18,000 per episode in 2013 and given MJ's lead role, she was likely making somewhere near that. 

But that was Season 2, and while Bravo's salaries are usually under wraps, it's likely the cast has negotiated higher pay since then. The "core cast" of "Vanderpump Rules," for instance, was making around $25,000 per episode in 2020, per Stylecaster, and the Shahs surely make an equivalent amount given their popularity on the network. 

You've got to spend money to make money, of course, and the Shahs definitely have some larger than life spending habits. After Season 8, Mercedes even declared herself the biggest spender of the crew, noting that the Sip & See party alone for her first born was "not cheap!" Spend it if you got it, Mercedes.