How Much Is Don Lemon Actually Worth?

CNN anchor Don Lemon has been a quintessential part of the news network's primetime lineup since 2014. First, he anchored "CNN Tonight," which will be rebranded to "Don Lemon Tonight" as he announced via Twitter on May 15. The name change definitely shows how instrumental Lemon has become at CNN, as the renowned journalist has become a household name.

Outside his CNN show, Lemon has hosted podcasts and written several best-selling books. In 2021, he released his latest book "This is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism," which debuted at the top of the New York Times Bestseller list, per The Wrap. Throughout 2020, Lemon hosted the CNN podcast "Silence is Not an Option" and, according to People, he'll be launching a new podcast with fellow CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, called "The Handoff." Cuomo hosts "Cuomo Prime Time," which airs right before Lemon's show; the name is inspired by Lemon and Cuomo's banter when they hand off coverage to each other.

But with all of that success, how much is Lemon really worth? Read on to find out.

Don Lemon makes millions from his many media ventures

According to Celebrity Net Worth, CNN anchor Don Lemon is worth $12 million, which includes an annual salary of $4 million. And he does seem to work very hard for that money. He is CNN's most high-profile journalist and commentator, who came under fire a lot for speaking out against former President Donald Trump and his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and systemic racism. In an April 2021 interview on Kara Swisher's New York Times podcast, "Sway," Lemon said, "Every day in cable news is like a knife fight ... you've got to break through ... That doesn't mean that I have to be bombastic, but I think people want to hear from the host that they've invested in. And it's OK if it's me pointing out the obvious when it is so ridiculous."

And that's become especially challenging during 2020 and 2021. In January 2021, Lemon wrote in Politico's Playbook, "By the time I usually wake up and read the morning edition of Playbook, the news cycle has drifted or changed altogether. And by the time I go on the air at night, it often feels like a year has passed."

So it seems like Lemon has been working hard for his millions.