Is This The Real Reason Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Hanging Out?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been hanging out together since Lopez's split from Alex Rodriguez in mid-April. It all started when Affleck was spotted in a white Cadillac Escalade that belonged to Lopez. A source confirmed the two had been seeing each other, telling Page Six that "security picks [Affleck] up at a nearby location and drops him off after spending a few hours at her house." At the time, the former couple was said to be "just friends," according to Entertainment Tonight, but a May getaway to Montana has fans thinking there's more to it. Since Lopez and Affleck returned to California, many can't help but wonder when they will meet again. 

A source told People magazine that J-Lo "is in touch with Ben every day," and that the two are "making plans to see each other. The source also said that "Jennifer is still very excited about how things are going with Ben." It has been said that the mother of two has kept in touch with Affleck over the years, since the two broke off their engagement back in 2004. And while Affleck may be the perfect distraction for the "Jenny From the Block" singer following her recent breakup, there actually may be more to it. Keep reading to find out why Lopez and Affleck's recent reunion may have been a long time coming.

Has Jennifer Lopez always carried a torch for Ben Affleck?

Jennifer Lopez didn't waste any time finding someone to hang out with after her split from Alex Rodriguez. However, the fact that Ben Affleck ended up being that person was kind of surprising. "We thought they were just friends," a source close to Affleck told the New York Post's Page Six. "Even people close to Ben were taken by surprise," the source added. At the same time, a rekindling wouldn't actually be all that shocking, given the rumors that Affleck was always sort of "the one that got away."

"[Jennifer] was always obsessed with Ben. They have always loved each other," a source said, according to Page Six. Lopez's former publicist Rob Shuter talked to the outlet about Affleck and Lopez's relationship and what he had to say sort of explains why J-Lo might be "obsessed" with the "Gone Girl" star. "Being J-Lo is complicated and Ben was able to simplify it," Shuter explained. "The only time you didn't feel like you were with 'J-Lo' was when Ben was around," he added. It sounds like Affleck did quite a bit to ground Lopez, allowing her to let her hair down a bit. After such a high-profile engagement, maybe this is exactly what Lopez needs to feel like herself again — her old self, that is.