Fans Had One Word For Kathryn Hahn's MTV Movie & TV Awards Win

On May 16, the first half of the two-part MTV Movie & TV Awards aired, honoring scripted TV shows and movies were in a smaller, pared-down ceremony hosted by Leslie Jones and DJ-ed by Snoop Dogg. While the show was a bit less involved than usual, it still had all the makings of a usual MTV award show, including the ceremony's unique and iconic awards like Best Kiss, Best Hero, and Best Duo. Marvel was well-represented during the ceremony, with "WandaVision" leading the nominations with five awards, per Us Weekly, and "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" star Anthony Mackie taking home two awards of his own (one for Best Hero and one for Best Duo with co-star Sebastian Stan). 

"WandaVision" won four out of its five nominated categories, taking home golden popcorns for Best Fight (an award shared by Elizabeth Olsen and Kathryn Hahn), Best Performance in a Show (Olsen), Best Villain (Hahn), and Best Show, which was accepted by both Olsen and Hahn on behalf of the entire cast and crew. While many people were thrilled with the number of wins "WandaVision" received, many fans took to Twitter after Hahn's win for Best Villain to express just what they thought of her taking home the golden popcorn. Keep scrolling to find out what they said.

Many fans thought Kathryn Hahn "deserved" her win

After Kathryn Hahn beat out a variety of other villains for the golden popcorn, including Ewan McGregor in "Birds of Prey" and Giancarlo Esposito in "The Mandalorian," many fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts. While there were undoubtedly some who were dismayed by Hahn's win (this is Twitter, after all), many users seemed to repeat the same word when referring to her receiving the golden popcorn: deserved.

"Yesss she deserved," one fan tweeted. "What she deserves," another wrote. "Absolutely deserved A LEGEND," a third person commented. "Oh my god deserved," tweeted a fourth user. Still, other fans called her a "queen" and a "legend" and one enthusiastic viewer demanded that Kevin Feige (the head of Marvel) give Hahn more work as Agatha Harkness.

And although many other people also tweeted that Hahn deserved the award, there was another phrase that popped up a few different times to congratulate the actor. Those who have watched "WandaVision" will know that it was Agatha all along, of course.