Inappropriate Outfits Chrissy Teigen Has Been Caught Wearing

This article makes reference to suicide.

Chrissy Teigen may have a quirky personality on and off social media, but not everybody is a fan of her previous mean girl tweets. In May 2021, the cookbook author came under fire for resurfaced cyberbullying tweets directed at the model and one-time PETA spokesperson Courtney Stodden. Stodden (who came out as non-binary via Instagram in April 2021 and identifies with the pronouns "they/them/theirs") accused Teigen of bullying them when they were a minor.

In an interview published by The Daily Beast on May 10, Stodden exposed Teigen for mocking their marriage to Doug Hutchinson, a man 34 years their senior. "She wouldn't just publicly tweet about wanting me to take a 'dirt nap' but would privately DM me and tell me to kill myself," Stodden alleged. BuzzFeed posted a few screenshots of Teigen's previous tweets to Stodden dating back to October 2011.

Teigen apologized for her previous tweets, but it was a no-go for Twitter users. Internet sleuths dug up more of the model's tweets, and as a result, Teigen has since had her cookware line pulled from Macy's website, per Page Six. Of course, Teigen is no stranger to controversy — in fact, she has made headlines in the past for some of her outfit choices (and malfunctions). Let's take a look below at some of those so-called flubs.

Chrissy Teigen clapped back at critics for her 2016 AMAs dress

Chrissy Teigen isn't afraid to show off a little skin, even if it means she has to clap back at her haters from time to time. In 2016, Teigen took to social media to respond to critics who had something to say about her risqué dress at the American Music Awards. The dress designed by Yousef Akbar featured two slits that went all the way up to the model's stomach. Given the slit placements, it was inevitable that Teigen would have a wardrobe malfunction.

Although she issued an apology for the accidental malfunction, some people weren't satisfied. During a Thanksgiving-themed Twitter Q&A, per Cosmopolitan, a user by the name of Alivia shared her opinion on Teigen's dress: "@chrissyteigen could've just wore [sic] pants." Teigen didn't let the comment go unnoticed; instead, she hilariously responded, "Well, Alivia, hindsight is 20/20. Just like your mom when she named you with an 'A' instead of an 'O.'"

Teigen wasn't defending herself alone. Her husband, John Legend, chimed in on the clothing controversy, telling Extra, "Honestly, we were worried there might be that moment, so we checked it. We were watching her walk. I was like, 'It looks good. Looks like all is well.' But obviously, if a photographer is resourceful enough, they can find that one moment." He added, "The photographer had to get the exact, perfect angle. I love the dress and I thought it was great."

Chrissy Teigen had a wardrobe malfunction while on a date

Chrissy Teigen just might be the queen of unintentional clothing malfunctions. Fortunately, being a successful model has its perks, and one is being able to make it work. 

In February 2021, the model ripped her dress while out on a dinner date with John Legend in Beverly Hills. Covering the ripped green Attico dress, Teigen rocked a sleek, black blazer on top. On her Instagram story (via the Daily Mail), Teigen showed her followers the broken zipper. She quickly covered the gaping tear with her blazer, holding her finger to her lips as she let fans in on the slightly embarrassing secret. Oops!

Regardless of the clothing mishap, Teigen and Legend managed to make a smooth exit out of the restaurant where they were spotted. The cookbook author strutted in her Tom Ford heels and standout accessories. If it wasn't for Teigen's Instagram story, we wouldn't have noticed. Nice save, Chrissy!

Critics slammed Chrissy Teigen for wearing too little around her daughter

Chrissy Teigen responded to critics who were upset by her outfit choice seen in a December 2019 photo with her daughter, Luna. In the pic, Teigen has her blazer open in front of the child as Luna appears to help out with styling. Teigen captioned the snap on Instagram, "On set with my stylist."

Although the cute mother-daughter photo received praise from several fans, it didn't stop internet trolls from leaving negative comments about her cleavage. One user commented (via Celebrity Insider), "Jesus cover up your daughter right there." Chrissy responded that Luna "sucked it for months and doesn't mind it much." Another user wrote, "Do you ever wear underwear?" Teigen replied, "U cold up there?"

Teigen is frequently dragged on social media for random things, but she always has a comeback for her critics regarding her outfit choices — even if they're questionable complaints.