Here's Who Whitney Cummings Would Play In A Marvel Or Star Wars Movie - Exclusive

Having co-created the hit sitcom "2 Broke Girls," interviewed some seriously incredible guests on her podcast "Good For You," and extensively toured her standup comedy shows, Whitney Cummings has already had a prolific career that we're all in awe of. There still might be one more accolade, however, that the multi-hyphenate would like to add to her already stacked résumé.

Cummings is currently promoting Annovera's Just Say Vagina campaign, which encourages women to stop apologizing, start feeling empowered, and most importantly, just say the word "vagina." In an interview with Nicki Swift, Cummings revealed, "You know, it's weird, I spent so much of my career saying vagina, not realizing it was going to be such an incendiary, taboo term. I didn't realize. And so I started doing stand up, I was labeled a dirty comic. I was labeled an edgy comic." Cummings continued, "And I went on stage and I remember the first time I said vagina on stage in the context of a dating joke or something about an insecurity I had, the audience reaction was so mixed. It was like half the people were laughing, the women were like, 'Woo,' and the men were cringing."

Nicki Swift caught up with Whitney Cummings to find out all about her new campaign, and whether she has any plans to either join the Marvel Cinematic Universe or to score a role in one of the many Star Wars projects currently in production.

Whitney Cummings wants to explore her villainous side

While Whitney Cummings has yet to appear in a Marvel or Star Wars movie, she isn't ruling it out. "I just did a little TV show ... and I got to play someone really evil, and that is really where I think I shine the most," the comedian explained. Previously, "I was always given, as for parts, of the sex-crazed, crazy lady who's screwing everybody's husbands, and I'm like, I don't think wanting to have sex and being sexual means you're a failure or a bad person," Cummings detailed.

Cummings is keen to debunk the idea that women can't be both sexual and powerful, and the idea that either of those things makes a woman a villain. "I love the movie 'Bad Teacher' and Cameron Diaz is my hero, but I started going like, oh, there's this relationship between being sexual and being a mess," Cummings said. "Just because you like sex doesn't mean you're a bad, amoral person. And so I started to get all these amazing opportunities and I was like, I just don't want to become this... Boxed in as this person. And then I made a movie about being a neuroscientist and I'm trying to let people see me other ways." 

In conclusion, Cummings revealed, "Yes, I would love to play a villain in a Marvel movie, and in Star Wars, I would like to play Darth Vader so I don't have to wear makeup." We couldn't think of a more perfect fit.

Check out Whitney Cummings' new campaign with Annovera, Just Say Vagina.