The RHONY Stars Bonded In This Way, According To Eboni K. Williams

The newest cast member of the "Real Housewives of New York," Eboni K. Williams, is ready to shake things up this season, but while speaking with Justin Sylvester on his "Just the Sip" podcast, she revealed she and the rest of the ladies had more in common than she expected. "I have not been in [an] exclusively white social setting really since high school, so I was experiencing some culture shock when Leah [McSweeney] brought me into this group of women," the newbie admitted on the May 19 podcast. "But one of the places you'll start to see soon that we start connecting cross-culturally is the issue of love and relationships and men," Eboni, who ended an engagement last year, shared. 

"Because, like you're saying Justin, Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Indigenous, we all are women and even generationally because you know there is an age gap obviously with me and most of these women and it still remains true that we all have that hesitation that fear that shame element to be unsuccessful in love when we are so successful in every other place of life," she explained. Keep scrolling for more details about how the newest Housewife bonded with the rest of the cast. 

The struggles of being powerful women united Eboni K. Williams and the cast

Although Eboni K. Williams wasn't sure she and the existing cast members of "The Real Housewives of New York" would have anything in common to chat about, she was pleasantly surprised when they all bonded over the struggles that come with the expectations of being a powerful woman. In fact, she hinted at a new friendship to watch out for on the show, telling Justin Sylvester that she and Sonja Morgan "forge a very deep and powerful connection" over their mutual experiences. 

However, while the ladies bonded over the pressure on successful women to be in equally successful relationships, she said they've struggled to move on from failed romances as a result. "I think those women all really loved the lives that they lived when they were married and raising their kids. I think that's the reality," she explained. "And so I think it's been difficult for them to find that same level of purpose and happiness and productivity in this stage of their life. But what I am happy to say is that all of them have it and it's just a matter of them recognizing it and leaning into this beautiful aspect of their life as well." It sounds like "The Real Housewives of New York" has a new voice of reason!