Will There Really Be A This Is Us Spinoff? This Is What Milo Ventimiglia Has To Say

NBC's "This Is Us" debuted on everyone's TV screens in 2016, and we've been crying every week ever since. The show chronicles the lives and trials of the Pearson family through different decades starting in the 1980s all the way to present day. As a hit between fans and critics, alike, "This Is Us" has gone on to win several awards, including four Emmys and multiple Screen Actors Guild Awards.

And with yearly ratings that hit millions of viewers each season in the 18-49 year-old age bracket, according to an NBC press release (via the Futon Critic), "This Is Us" has been such a success that there's always been fan scrutiny and rumors flying around about NBC potentially doing a spinoff for the show. Given that the show will come to an end after six seasons in 2022, per show creator Dan Fogelman, will a spinoff really happen? Read on to find out!

Milo Ventimiglia thinks we'll see 'This Is Us' spinoffs

It turns out that one of the "This Is Us" stars really thinks that there might be a spinoff show. With show creator Dan Fogelman announcing that Season 6 of the uber-popular show will be its last (NBC is currently airing Season 5), everyone from fans to critics is wondering whether Season 6 is the last that we'll ever see of the Pearson family. And it looks like Milo Ventimiglia has his hopes up for more — even if he thinks it just may be time for the show to come to an end.

Ventimiglia, who plays the late family patriarch, Jack Pearson, disclosed his feelings surrounding the finale of "This Is Us" and what he thinks will happen for the show's future. "Given the opportunity to wrap things up in a very thoughtful way with purpose and intention I think is more important and more impactful than just kind of floundering through, having filler episodes just to fill air, to fill space," the "Gilmore Girls" alum told Extra on May 17. "It feels like there's more intention, which feels... right, especially for the show."  

When asked about any potential spinoffs, Ventimiglia said "I'm sure there will be; I don't know who it will be." Well, if there will be any kind of spinoff, we're sure that "This Is Us" fans will have fun coming up with all the theories about their beloved Pearson family.