Biggest Body Language Red Flags In Kim And Kanye's Relationship - Exclusive

As country music duo Dan + Shay once waxed poetic, "Let our bodies do the talking." Alas, that's what estranged spouses Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might have been doing for some time now in an attempt to subconsciously signal to the masses that their union was in serious trouble.

According to body language expert and creator of the Love Works Method, Nicole Moore, while the couple appeared to be a match made in heaven on the outside, there have been a few red flags that might have hinted there was trouble brewing. "When Kim and Kanye first started dating in 2012 and especially when they were pregnant with the first child, North, Kim and Kanye did genuinely seem happy, and their body language showed it. In a 2012 picture of the couple, they're both smiling wide and appear close and connected," Moore explained before pointing out how the couple's body language towards one another subtly changed over the years, possibly hinting that the two were growing apart.

So what does Moore believe were some of the tell-tale signs that a split was imminent for Kimye? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

Perhaps Kanye only has eyes for Kanye

According to life coach and love expert Nicole Moore, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have not been on the same page for quite some time. 

After looking through several public photos of the couple, Moore came to the conclusion that "it was very difficult to find a posted picture where Kanye was looking at Kim as the two posed." Instead, Moore explained that it was always Kim who was "touching or looking at Kanye." "In most pictures of the couple posing, Kanye is either looking away or to the side while Kim is looking at Kanye or straight to the camera," she noted.

In an effort to further prove her point, Moore referred to a 2016 photo that was taken shortly after Kanye had been hospitalized, reportedly for mental health issues (via Insider). "Kim's body is turned completely toward Kanye's and she's pressing her body into his side. Her eyes are looking at him intently and he has her whole focus," Moore explained. "Kanye isn't turned toward Kim, though, and his eyes are toward the floor," she continued. 

According to Moore, however, the body language in the photo signifies something much greater. "This picture represents a body language dynamic that became ever more present as their relationship went on. Kim's body would lean toward Kanye, or her head would be turned toward him, but Kanye always looked down, to the side, anywhere but at Kim." YIKES.

Kimye's body language revealed an 'extreme disconnect'

Life coach Nicole Moore also pointed to an "extreme disconnect" between the couple during an infamous photo in which Kanye West was caught giving the middle finger to the cameras behind his wife's back. 

"Kim is standing straight and smiling at the camera while Kanye is behind her making a face and giving the middle finger to the camera," Moore said of the boisterous photo (via Insider). "Kim is stiff, almost as if she's trying to hold it together and do her job or smiling for the cameras while Kanye is doing his own thing." Per Moore, this picture signals a major turning point for the couple. "In this picture the couple truly looks as if they have different priorities and agendas, Kim's presenting a certain image for the camera and Kanye's being 'himself,'" Moore maintained.

Something tells us Kim was none too pleased once the photo surfaced. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the Kardashian-West household... 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might have competing values

Unfortunately, body language guru Nicole Moore believes the disconnect between Kimye only intensified when Kanye West shockingly announced his plan to run for president in the summer of 2020. 

According to Moore, a picture from July 2020 shows just that (via Insider). Though Kim Kardashian outwardly appeared to give her seal of approval, Moore said Kim's body language revealed something entirely different. "Her arm is around his arm, but her body is tense and stiff, her eyes are squinting slightly, indicating tension and unhappiness and her neck is tense. Kim's chest in this picture is leaning slightly away from Kanye indicating her heart is pulled away from Kanye," Moore described. "If she were truly excited about his presidential run, she would likely have been pulled toward Kanye and smiling rather than tense and pulled slightly away," she declared matter of factly.

Per Moore, that photo-op might have been the exact moment things started to spiral out of control for the couple. "This picture reveals that at this point in their relationship in July 2020, Kim was likely putting on a show of being supportive of Kanye but in truth she had reservations." 

In short, Moore chalks the couple's split up to possibly just a difference in "mottos." "Kim's motto is 'family over everything' while Kanye's motto may be: 'Kanye over everything.'"