The Real Reason Jennifer Lopez Is Back In Los Angeles

Jennifer Lopez spent a few days in Montana with her ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck earlier this month. After their getaway, Lopez returned to work, jetting off to Miami to film a new ad for Coach, according to Page Six. Fans have been keeping a close eye on the two exes — and wondering if they'd hang out again, once J-Lo wrapped up her shoot in Florida.

Lopez and Affleck have been spending time together for about a month now. Rumors that they were back on hit a fever pitch when Affleck was spotted getting out of a white Cadillac Escalade — one that belongs to Lopez. Page Six reported that Affleck had been going over to Lopez's house to hang out with her following her split from Alex Rodriguez. And while sources have said that J-Lo and Affleck are just friends, TMZ reported that the two exchanged "love letters" while she was in the Dominican Republic filming "Shotgun Wedding." 

It has been about a week since Bennifer fans heard anything about the two actors hanging out. Lopez has made her way back to Los Angeles, and People magazine, has the latest scoop. Read on for more.

Jennifer Lopez is 'excited about her future,' a source said

Turns out, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have hung out since they got back from Montana, according to People magazine. A source told the outlet that J-Lo flew in to Los Angeles for a "couple of days," and while she was there? She "spent time with Ben." The source revealed that Lopez and Affleck "have kept in touch every day since their Montana trip." The source added that while it's a "tricky situation" because of the distance between them, they "both seem committed to making things work."

"Jennifer is doing well," and that "she seems very happy and excited about her future," the source added. Lopez and Affleck have not spoken out about the status of their relationship, and it's unclear if the two are back together or just keeping things casual. A source told Entertainment Tonight that Lopez and Affleck are "just having fun" and that they "care about each other a great deal." One thing is very clear: No matter what happens, Bennifer fans are so here for the 2.0.