What Does Zied Hakimi From 90 Day Fiance Do For A Living?

Zied Hakimi, while formerly from Tunisia, now resides in America with his wife, Rebecca Hakimi (née Parrot). The two tied the knot in 2020 during the pandemic and have been a fan favorite on the smash-hit TLC series "90 Day Fiance" in both seasons 5 and 8. Fans are just as happy that the couple seems to still be going strong, despite some pretty rough patches in their relationship. 

Rebecca, 49, is 22 years older than Zied, who is 27. While an age gap like Zied and Rebecca have can be an issue in traditional Muslim families, that wasn't the main concern for Zied's family — it was Rebecca's three previous marriages. Zied's parents were also adamant that the two not sleep together before they married stating (via Screen Rant), "Her behavior is more important than her age." And on Rebecca's end, Zied's lack of a job in his native country was worrisome to her and her private investigator friend. After running a background check on Zied that showed no job references. That leaves one major question, not just for Rebecca, but for viewers: how does Zied make his money?

Whether acting or HVAC, Zied has choice

It's no secret that Zied and Rebecca have faced their fair share of backlash during their time on "90 Day Fiance." From their age gap to Zied's unemployment and everything in between, this couple has weathered some severe criticism. But one thing fans can be sure of is, now that he's officially stateside with his new wife, Zied has some choices when it comes to job moves. Apparently, he has done some acting, and while probably most famous for his stint on reality TV, there's at least a chance that he could make something from his acting career.

On his IG page, the reality TV star shares several photos of past amateur acting gigs he did back in Tunisia. However, if the whole acting thing doesn't pan out, Zied has a fallback career. Having completed an HVAC course, per Screen Rant, Zied now has his work permit and can work as a technician.

And for anyone thinking that "90 Day Fiance," pays well, it doesn't. Most of the couples who appear on the show go on to appear on other spin-off shows or cash in on collaborations and other forms of incoming earning potential. If acting doesn't work out for Zied, Rebecca just might be able to give it a shot — she once played an extra in "Keeping Up With the Joneses" alongside actor Gal Gadot.