The Real Reason Prince William Is Upset With Prince Harry

Prince William has remained silent following his brother's latest comments; the ones made during a sit-down with actor Dax Shepard on the Armchair Expert podcast, and the others coming by way of Harry's new docuseries, "The Me You Can't See," which was released on AppleTV+ on May 21. As Prince Harry continues telling the world his truth when it comes to growing up without his mother, Princess Diana, and living under the monarchy's rule as a married man, the royal family has remained silent, choosing not to publicly address or respond to the Duke of Sussex's claims.

In his new docuseries, Harry aims to help others by sharing his own experiences with anxiety, depression, and grief. However, as he focuses on the importance of mental health, the rift between him and his family seems to be growing. Nevertheless, Harry is moving forward, even saying that he has "no regrets" when it comes to the choices that he has made over the past couple of years, according to Page Six. So, how does William feel about Harry sharing all of this information? Read on to find out.

Prince William reportedly wishes Prince Harry would work things out with him privately

It's not surprising to hear that Prince William is unhappy with Prince Harry's decisions to speak out so candidly about his experiences with royal life. But there is something in particular that has William so upset. A source told Us Weekly that William "feels that Harry should discuss his issues privately and can't comprehend why he continues to shade his own flesh and blood on TV." While William understands that "mental health is a serious issue," he "can't get his head around why Harry keeps throwing his family under the bus."

It has been a tough road for the royal family as they all try to navigate Harry's absence. In addition to the Duke of Sussex choosing to leave royal life behind, the things that he is saying aren't helping make anything better. And if he had been hoping to mend the rift between him and William — and their farther, Prince Charles — well, that may not be in the cards at the present time. "There's no way they'll ever trust him after this. The damage is done," Us Weekly's source said.