Did Prince Harry Really Want To Go Through A Therapy Session Live On TV?

Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry's new docuseries "The Me You Can't See" was released on AppleTV+ on May 21. The television mogul and the Duke of Sussex teamed up for the show, which "features personal stories of mental health journeys and struggles and the difficult path to emotional wellbeing," according to Forbes. "Now more than ever, there is an immediate need to replace the shame surrounding mental health with wisdom, compassion and honesty. Our series aims to spark that global conversation," Oprah said in a statement ahead of the premiere.

The series offers a very in-depth look at Harry as he opens up about the struggles that he has faced over the years. In one particular episode, Harry agreed to have cameras film one of his therapy sessions. Director Dawn Porter sat down for a chat with Town & Country to talk about the series and to share how Harry really felt about having his therapy session taped for the show. Read on to find out her take.

Prince Harry does EMDR therapy on camera

Prince Harry didn't just agree to have his therapy session taped, he actually volunteered. "The Me You Can't See" director Dawn Porter told Town & Country that it was actually Harry who thought it would be a good idea. "He volunteered. He was game for trying something. And we thought well, we have the opportunity to film this [therapy] and maybe this is something that will work for some people, maybe it won't, but the idea is that you don't tick a box and you're done, mental wellness is an ongoing pursuit. You have to continue to try new things and to push yourself, and his volunteering to try something was a great way to emphasize and underscore that point," Porter told the outlet in an exclusive interview. 

According to Page Six, Harry "is seen tapping his shoulders and rapidly moving his eyes as he is filmed undergoing EMDR therapy," which is what has helped him cope with trauma and PTSD. "EMDR is always something that I wanted to try and that was one of the varieties of different forms of healing or curing that I was willing to experiment with, and I never would have been open to that had I not put in the work and the therapy that I've done over the years," Harry told Oprah on "The Me You Can't See." EMDR is what Harry credits for helping him travel to London, a place that he describes as triggering.