The Real Life Partners Of The Cast Of Storage Wars

After being off the air since 2019, "Storage Wars" returned to TV for its 13th season in April 2021. Several beloved faces returned for the new season, including buyers Darrell Sheets, Kenny Crossley, Ivy Calvin, and more, all ready for more storage locker auctions in California, per an A&E press release (via The Futon Critic). Viewers have been following their on-screen lives as they search for the best undiscovered treasures (and hopefully not trash) in these pretty-much-abandoned storage units.

But what are the buyers' and auctioneers' lives like off-screen? Several of them have their spouses and family involved in the show, like Dan and Laura Dotson, as well as Ivy Calvin and his sons. But for some members of the main cast, their spouses and relationships are a mystery to fans. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the main "Storage Wars" cast and their real-life partners.

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante went their separate ways

Longtime "Storage Wars" couple Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante shocked fans by announcing their split in the Season 13 premiere in April 2021 (via People). According to People, Brandi said she and Jarrod went their separate ways after filming "Storage Wars" Season 12. Jarrod and Brandi weren't married, but they starred in a "Storage Wars" spinoff together called "Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job" in 2014. And even though they aren't together anymore, they still seem to be down to search for fab storage unit finds on the show — albeit separately.

Since then, Brandi told Spirit Talk that she isn't "seeing anyone in particular," while Jarrod became "Facebook official" with a new love named Rochel Beckman, per Distractify

However, the exes haven't been entirely cordial, unfortunately. On April 30, 2021, Brandi and Jarrod ended up at the same restaurant in Orange County, California, got into a heated argument, and Jarrod allegedly pushed Brandi, per TMZ. The Orange County District Attorney charged Jarrod with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence battery in May 2021, and the case is still pending.

Darrell Sheets may have reunited with an old love

Judging from "Storage Wars" star Darrell Sheets' Instagram, it looks like he may have reunited with his ex-wife, real estate agent Kimber Wuerfel. In May 2021, Darrell posted on Instagram about how they celebrated his 49th birthday with her and their respective children. He even posted an Instagram photo teasing Kimber's appearance with him on the new season of "Storage Wars." "Here's Kimber and me appraising one of [our] great finds," Darrell wrote in the caption. "We had a ball today." Plus, a few months earlier in March, Darrell posted on Instagram about the couple's 10-year-anniversary. He captioned the photo, "Just a couple of kids happy to be together."

They haven't officially confirmed that they're back together, but if they are, this reunion definitely has a "wow factor." Prior to this, Darrell dated and was even engaged to several other women, but the relationships didn't seem to work out. 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Darrell and Kimber got divorced in 2016, after getting married in 2012.

Ivy Calvin has a supportive family

"Storage Wars" star and "The King of Palmdale" Ivy Calvin is married to his wife Wendy, and they have two sons together. Unfortunately, not much is known about Wendy Calvin. 

Ivy's social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook seem to be all business, promoting the show and his popular thrift store, Grandma's Attic, in Palmdale, California. However, Wendy has appeared by Ivy's side at events and during red carpet interviews, so it seems like Wendy and Ivy are one supportive couple.

But their kids have appeared on the A&E series many times. In particular, Ivy Jr. has frequently appeared on "Storage Wars" with his dad, helping load up fantastic finds. In one episode, Ivy lets his son take charge and bid on a storage unit. Ivy said in an interview segment that his son was "a natural" at thrifting, but "as long as he listens to the master."

Dan and Laura Datson are still a dynamic duo

"Storage Wars" auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson have been married for a long time, and they've been working in the auction world even longer. According to A&E, Dan has been auctioneering since he was 11 years old and was born into a family of auctioneers. 

As a couple, they have been running their Southern California-based company American Auctioneers for 37 years. The company runs several different types of auctions around California, as listed on the American Auctioneers website. Dan and Laura also run the website

But hasn't just been all business for the couple — they've had their struggles, too. In "Storage Wars" Season 5, Dan had a double brain aneurysm, and Laura was able to save her husband's life with CPR, per the Spare Foot Blog. She also had a bad feeling leading up to the occurrence. "I owe her my life," Dan told the outlet. "Not a lot of people know it, but she's just a little psychic."

Casey and Rene Nezhoda are still going strong

"Storage Wars" bargain hunters Casey and Rene Nezhoda are happily married and always on the search for a deal. The couple has been married for 16 years, per A&E's website, and they run a huge 7,000 square-foot San Diego thrift shop called Bargain Hunters.

Even though they've found fame on "Storage Wars," Casey and Rene also run their own YouTube channel, where they continue their search for bargains, because it's just what they love to do — even off-screen. In a 2020 interview with TV Shows Ace, the couple said, "We have been doing this our whole lives, and Rene has been buying and selling since [he was] 11 years old. Plus, you can't get involved in that 'I am famous' attitude. We are working just as hard as we always have!"

Maintaining a professional and personal partnership can be tough, but Casey and Rene told TV Shows Ace that for them, the balance of both seems to fit their family dynamic well. We don't have official rules or divide duties. It comes down to what needs to get done–not only in our business life but also personal life. It all flows together!" they told the outlet. "We have a happy, grounded, family relationship and I think that helps a lot. For us, it just works!"

Barry Weiss and Kenny Crossley's relationship statuses are a mystery

Not every "Storage Wars" star has broadcasted their marital and relationship statuses to the world. On-screen, Barry is well-known for his one-liners and willingness to do anything to close a deal, including inviting psychics to an auction, per A&E's website. But off-screen, not much is known about his personal life. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Barry Weiss is divorced and has two adult children.

As for Kenny Crossley, not much is known about the former law enforcement officer's love life, but he still keeps busy. He runs Jackie's Famous Pralines (which fans of the show will definitely recognize from an episode), a YouTube channel, a podcast, and he makes music under the name "Dualpersona." So, clearly, he's got a lot going on in addition to being in the main cast of "Storage Wars" Season 13.

And many of the cast members have real-life partners with varying degrees of involvement in the A&E series.