The Weeknd's Billboard Awards Outfit Isn't What You'd Expect

Fans of The Weeknd everywhere were confused and concerned when he appeared at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards sporting a bizarre look. It wasn't his red suit that captured our immediate attention — instead, it was his face covered in bandages that had everybody talking. As the singer made more appearances, the rumor mill began that he underwent plastic surgery (which would later resurface after he unmasked a face full of prosthetics in his "Save Your Tears" video in January 2021).

Don't fret, though. The Weeknd explained in an interview that his extreme plastic surgery look and sustained "injuries" is part of his vision for his "After Hours" album rollout. "I feel confident with where I'm taking this [new] record," he told CR Men in March 2020. "There's also a very committed vision and character being portrayed and I get to explore a different side of me that my fans have never seen." His bandaged look and red suit also serve a bigger meaning than you think. He told Variety, "The significance of the entire head bandages is reflecting on the absurd culture of Hollywood celebrity and people manipulating themselves for superficial reasons to please and be validated."

We've seen the "Blinding Lights" singer rock the After Hours signature outfit on a number of occasions, including his halftime performance at the Super Bowl LV in March 2021. As far as his outfit for the Billboard Awards on May 23? Well, let's just say The Weeknd switched it up.

The Weeknd's After Hours era has officially come to an end

If you were a fan of The Weeknd's bandaged face, leather gloves, and snazzy red suit, it's unfortunate news that you won't be seeing him wear it any longer. The singer ditched the '80s inspired look for a black coat, ash gray tie, white shirt, pants, and patent leather shoes for the 2021 Billboard Awards ceremony. Per Entertainment Tonight, The Weeknd led the award nominations in 16 categories. Accepting the first award of the night for "Top Hot 100 Artist," he made a quip about his red suit: "I'd like to thank God that I don't have to wear that red suit anymore." When the singer accepted the "Top 100 Song" award, he made it clear that the "After Hours" era was over. "I just want to say the After Hours are done, and the dawn is coming."

The XO stans took to social media to share their opinions on The Weeknd's surprising new look. Fans expressed their sadness about the "After Hours" era ending, with one user tweeting, "As we prepare for the dawn of yet another new era The Weeknd has officially retired the red suit ofc this one was an era we will never forget."

In early May, the singer gave us a look into his next style at the 2021 BRIT Awards. His outfit consisted of an all-black ensemble with a hat in the rain. Could it be that The Weeknd is preparing us for a new era and both a new project? Possibly!