Matthew Perry Is In Hot Water Over Merchandise. Here's Why

Could he be in any more hot water? Matthew Perry's name has been in the headlines plenty following the filming of the highly anticipated "Friends" reunion special on HBO Max. Perry sat down with his former cast mates, including Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, and Courtney Cox. In the trailer, the old gang hangs out in replicas of their iconic set as they reminisce on the show that literally changed their lives.

During the trailer, Perry appeared to be slurring his words during certain sentences, causing many fans to become concerned, especially considering Perry's past drug and alcohol abuse issues. "I stole the cookie jar that had the clock on it, and I gave it to Lisa Kudrow," Perry said, appearing to slur some words. "Cause she [at] one point looked at it and thought it was a real clock." Many people quickly took to Twitter to express said worries. "It pains me to see Matthew Perry like this, he just seems off, gazing at the void, speaking slowly," one concerned fan tweeted. Keep scrolling for the most recent controversy that has Perry's fans buzzing.

Some fans are upset with Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry has been getting a lot of slack for his choice of apparel. In late May, the actor shared a photo of himself on both Instagram and Twitter rocking a black t-shirt with the recognizable "Friends" font that read: "Could I be any more vaccinated?" He accompanied the image with a short caption reading, "Could I BE Any More Vaccinated? Get your shot, and then get your shirt. Shop the entire collection at Only available for a limited time." On the website, the shirts retail for $26.99.

Many fans were offended that Perry used his platform to make money off a global pandemic. "Making money from a t-shirt relating to vaccines is in bad taste. Could I BE any more annoyed," one person commented. "Like why would you have to display your medical status on a t-shirt? Like a dog in a shelter," another user on Instagram questioned. "MY EYES! MY EYES! I was hoping you wouldn't post something like this," one more added.

A few others applauded Perry for his post. "I'm baffled by how upset ppl are. I'm not, and we lost ppl to covid in our family," one person argued. "I think it promotes vaccination which saves lives and helps let those around us know we're vaccinated not anti mask when we're ready to go maskless. All good messages." It does not appear as though Perry has replied to any of the comments as of yet.

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