How Lil Nas X Feels About His SNL Wardrobe Malfunction

On May 22, Lil Nas X made a guest appearance on "Saturday Night Live," where he performed his "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" single for the first time.

During his performance, which took inspiration from the song's controversial music video, the young star wore a rather sexy outfit, consisting of a flame-printed leather crop top and matching pants. While singing his latest hit song, Lil Nas gave viewers a look at his dancing skills, supported by a group of male backup dancers. In one scene, one of Lil Nas' dancers even goes to lick the singer's neck.

Though the performance was jaw-dropping in itself, there's one particular mishap that turned things pretty awkward. While dropping it low on the stripper pole, Lil Nas apparently had a wardrobe malfunction ... and totally ripped his pants. While Lil Nas didn't flash viewers, his face and gestures gave it away, as his eyes opened wide right before he went to cover the front of his pants. Still, Lil Nas carried on with his performance, and did so effortlessly.

But what went through his mind as his pants ripped? Scroll on to find out how Lil Nas really felt about his "SNL" wardrobe malfunction.

Lil Nas X immediately felt the breeze

On May 24, Lil Nas X went on "The Tonight Show" and spoke with host Jimmy Fallon about the "Saturday Night Live" incident ... and it was pretty hilarious.

As soon as his pants ripped, Lil Nas said that he felt a breeze coming through. "So I was pretty much going down on the pole, doing my little sexy dropdown, and boom, I feel air!" he explained. "I was like, 'There's definitely a breeze going on.'" Then, Lil Nas remembered that the performance was live on-air ... so the show had to go on. "I also felt like some popping still happening while I was down there, so I was like, 'God, please don't be on TV already.' And 'SNL' is actually live."

Apparently, Lil Nas X's backup dancers didn't realize that he had ripped his pants, and they were tugging them as part of the performance. "At the end of the performance, the dancers are supposed to touch me and tug on me or whatever, and they were tugging on the pants, and I was like, 'Please, God, no," Lil Nas recalled. "But It was perfect timing. If that had ripped at any other earlier time during the performance, it would have been over."