RHOP: The Truth About Wendy Osefo's Husband

There is some serious drama going on with "Real Housewives of Potomac" star Dr. Wendy Osefo's husband, Eddie Osefo. In the trailer for Season 6, which dropped in late May, we not only see Wendy and Eddie fighting — when she asks him if he's "happy" and "fulfilled," he pointedly replies, "No!" — but there are also some not-so-nice rumors going around about Eddie's faithfulness (or potential lackthereof).

Wendy's fellow "Housewives" Gizelle Bryant and Ashley Darby even sit down to discuss the gossip in the teaser, with Gizelle dishing, "So, when are we gonna talk about the Eddie rumors?"

At one point, it all gets to be too much for Wendy, who confronts Gizelle and yells, "F*** these motherf***ing cameras!" Yikes.

So, what's Eddie's real story? Who exactly is Wendy's husband of 10 years, and what does he have to say about his alleged infidelity — and the rumor that he fathered another child? Find out below.

Did Eddie Osefo cheat on Wendy and have another child?

First of all, let's just establish who Eddie Osefo is. Per his LinkedIn, he's an attorney at RSM US LLP and was previously employed by the high-profile company PwC. His Instagram bio also lists him as an "entrepreneur." He and Wendy Osefo have been married for a decade and share three of the most adorable children ever seen.

But things went south when a source told All About The Tea on May 6 that Eddie had been cheating on Wendy "with a white woman who works in his law firm," noting that he has "a side baby" — and the drama all plays out in Season 6.

But Eddie himself appeared to deny these claims on Instagram on Mother's Day 2021, when he praised Wendy and called her "the mother of my ONLY 3 babies." "The haters will always hate (misery loves company), but one thing is for certain, men lie, women lie, blogs lie, but numbers don't!" he added. "10 years and counting with our forever love."

Considering Wendy's super-telling reply to her husband's post — "It's the 'ONLY' for me!" she wrote, complete with crying-laughing emojis. "Thank you zaddy! I love you DEEP" — it seems like she's not one to believe such rumors. We just can't wait for all of the drama to unfold!