The Interesting Way Meghan Markle Is Trying To Heal From Pain

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made it clear that they've faced a lot of public and personal heartbreak and tragedy throughout their lives. Harry lost his mother Princess Diana in a horrific car accident when he was 12 years old, and revealed that her death caused him to suppress his emotions until he sought therapy. Meghan also suffered an unimaginable loss when she experienced a miscarriage in July 2020.

Meghan opened up about her heartbreaking experience in an op-ed for The New York Times in November 2020, telling readers that she "felt a sharp cramp," after changing son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor's diaper in the morning. She dropped to her knees with Archie in her arms and realized that "something was not right." She wrote, "I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second."

The experience was painful for both Harry and Meghan, who cried in the hospital together. Fortunately, the royal couple has seen better days since then as they told their truth to Oprah Winfrey during the television special of the year in March, and will be welcoming a daughter this summer. But Meghan is also healing from her pain in an unusual way and has introduced Harry and Archie to it as well. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Meghan Markle is practicing good vibrations

Meghan Markle has reportedly been practicing Reiki — a form of touching therapy — on herself and son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, and also taught Prince Harry about the term "ancestral healing," which he referenced when he was a guest on Dax Shephard's "Armchair Expert" podcast in May. "Meghan is the one who introduced Harry to the term ancestral healing," a source told the Daily Mail. "She said she learned about generational trauma from her mom [Doria Ragland] who started taking her to weekly services at Agapé International and credits its founder Michael Beckwith for teaching her about spirituality." Wow! 

The source explained that Meghan believed that "she and Harry come from a long lineage of pain and suffering, generations of genetic baggage and that it's now up to them to break the cycle once and for all," with the Reiki treatment.

According to The Cut, Reiki "is a spiritual healing practice which originated in Japan in the early 20th century, and is built on the belief that the body is innately able to heal itself." The source from Daily Mail added that Meghan is "a big advocate of tapping therapy," (or Emotional Freedom Technique, aka. EFT) and "is convinced that tapping has helped both her and Harry release negative patterns imprinted on their DNA from past generations." Overall, though, the source says that Reiki has helped Meghan feel "more balanced and relaxed." 

We're glad Meghan is "tapping" into her spiritual side!