The Hilarious Reason North West Called Out Kim Kardashian

The daughter of reality TV mogul Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West, North West is already a star, even at just 7 years old. As fans have watched her grow up in the spotlight, they've also seen her sassy personality develop. From the time she took the paparazzi to task for taking pictures, to the time she turned her glam mom into a self-professed "soccer mom," she's kept everyone on their toes, including her uber-famous parents. Like her dad once rapped, "I'm just doing my thing, hope you're doing your thing too," North is just out here living life. 

Recently, this has meant crashing Kim's social media posts and making a cameo in the SKIMS founder's video urging fans to social distance amid COVID-19. (She's just giving the people what they want — and what they want is more North!) But on May 25, 2021, the spunky kid took things to the next level with a hilarious clapback at Kim.

It all started when the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star posted an Instagram Story of herself driving and singing along to "Drivers License" by Olivia Rodrigo (via People), shortly after announcing her divorce from Kanye in February 2021. Fast forward a few months, and the breakup anthem is precisely what caused North to call out Kim! Keep reading for the full story.

North West roasts Kim Kardashian over Olivia Rodrigo's 'Drivers License'

According to an Instagram Story posted by Kim Kardashian on May 25, North West doesn't buy the fact that her mom is a fan of Olivia Rodrigo (via E! News). The exchange came after the reality star received a package in honor of Rodrigo's debut album "Sour." "How cute is Olivia Rodrigo, you guys?" Kim can be heard saying, as the camera pans over her special treats and merch from the singer. "I can't wait for her album. You guys know I love 'Drivers License.'" It's at this point that North puts her mom on blast, quipping, "You never listen to it."

Kim — who appropriately captioned the video "NORTH!!!!!" along with three crying-laughing emojis — protested. "Yes, I do! I listen to it all the time. Stop, North," she said, asking her son Saint to back her up. "Saint, don't we listen to it in the car all the time? Yes. Can you say that louder for the people to hear?" she called, as Saint responded affirmatively off-camera.

For what it's worth, fans seem to be siding with North on this one, at least as far as Twitter is concerned. "Not North putting Kim Kardashian on blast for being a fake Olivia Rodrigo fan," one person tweeted. "Also, Kim saying 'Can't wait for her album' has me cackling. The album has been out, Kimberly." For now, the jury's still out on whether Kim or North is the bigger Olivia Rodrigo stan.