The Truth About Sunhe And Angelica From sMothered

Get ready, "sMothered" fans, because Season 3 premieres May 31 on TLC! In addition to favorites like Cher and Dawn, we'll also be introduced to new mother-daughter duos like Rykia and Karla. According to a press release, this season "will leave jaws on the floor."

Viewers will get to see mothers and daughters who share underwear and shower together, and there's even a mother who artificially inseminates her daughter, per Starcasm. The press release teases, "These outrageous moments add to the shocking relationships that we couldn't peel our eyes away from past seasons." We're still trying to wrap our heads around sharing underwear, but that's reality TV, right?

Cameras will once again follow Sunhe and Angelica, one of the pairs that have shocked us since the beginning. If their Instagram account Big Spoon & Little Spoon doesn't say "close," we don't know what does. Keep reading for more details about this mother-daughter duo.

Sunhe and Angelica have an extremely close bond

Our jaws dropped to the floor when we met Sunhe and Angelica in Season 1. It was typical for Sunhe to leave her used bathwater for Angelica to enjoy. Sunhe said it "was an act of trust" and believed there was nothing wrong with sharing a bed even though they have separate bedrooms, according to the New York Post. "People want to find something wrong in a relationship when they don't understand it," Angelica said. "But my mom and I are close. There's nothing wrong with it." Sunhe was also a frequent guest on her daughter's date nights with Jason.

During Season 2, Sunhe and Angelica reportedly looked over Jason's shoulder as he finalized his divorce with his ex-wife, according to InTouch Weekly. Once the divorce was finalized in September 2019, Sunhe allowed the couple to move forward with their engagement. Interesting.

In Season 3, we'll get to see just how deep Sunhe and Angelica's bond is. In the trailer, we watch Angelica's fiance Jason grow uncomfortable as her mother Sunhe assumes she can live with them indefinitely. "I invited Sunhe to live with us for a little while, but I didn't mean forever," he said. Angelica and Jason also welcomed baby girl Amara, so no doubt we'll see how that impacts their relationship as cameras roll. To up the drama even more, when Jason asked Angelica about her concerns with marriage, Sunhe replied, "We'll have a discussion and let you know."