Why Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Just Got A Little Bit More Complicated

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck appear to be back on again, nearly two decades after breaking off their engagement. It is believed that the two actors reconciled just after Lopez split with Alex Rodriguez in mid-April, according to Page Six. Since then, the apparent couple has been spotted together in Montana and, most recently, in Miami, Florida.

Neither Lopez nor Affleck have confirmed that they are back together, however, sources say that they very much are. "Jen and Ben are both very happy with each [other] and are excited to see where the relationship goes. They are full-on dating and very happy together," a source told Us Weekly in an article published on May 26. The duo may have been trying to keep their apparent relationship on the down low, but the paparazzi have caught them together on more than one occasion. In Miami, Lopez and Affleck have been photographed on more than one occasion while they are staying at Lopez's home. Keep reading to find out why all of these paparazzi pics have made things more complicated for the two stars.

Jennifer Lopez reportedly wanted to make her relationship with Ben Affleck Instagram official

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reportedly had a plan of action when it came to taking their relationship public. At least, that's what one source told Page Six. Evidently, Lopez wanted to share the Bennifer 2.0 news on her Instagram account — when she was ready to do so. The paparazzi photos of her with Affleck has put a bit of a damper on her big reveal. "[Affleck] stayed at her house [in April], and she was planning to make an announcement that they are back together on Instagram. It's all about timing with her," a source told Page Six.

Regardless whether or not Lopez's plan was to share the news of her new/old relationship on Instagram, she and Affleck haven't exactly been in hiding. As Page Six points out, "they were recently snapped together at a Miami rental property. J-Lo appeared to be meditating on the waterfront, while Affleck was puffing on a cigarette. Additionally, they've been spotted hitting the gym together, and even allegedly smooching between sets." If Lopez and Affleck wanted to keep things between them a secret, well, they aren't doing the best job. 

Even still, fans are anxiously awaiting any sort of confirmation that these two are officially back on, whether that comes from Instagram or elsewhere — just so long as it comes directly from the source!