The Real Reason Teen Mom's Kail Lowry Had To Pause Her Home's Construction

If you're a "Teen Mom" fan, it's likely you know all about how Kail Lowry is in the process of building her dream home and often updates her fans about its progress. Unfortunately, her May 27 update to her followers wasn't the best of news.

The mom of four took to her Instagram Story to air out some issues she recently ran into with her Delaware build, but took full blame for said obstacles. "I just like didn't think to measure the measurement on my blueprints, and they ended up being the exact same measurements of my current house. ...On paper it looked fine, so I never thought to be like, 'Measure it out.' So long story short, as quickly as they started making progress on my house, I stopped the build," she explained. She said while her new house is double the size of her previous home, the bedrooms are the same square footage, and that is simply not going to work for her. "I just thought that on paper it looked so big and I don't know by like eye-balling what that looks like," she continued.

Kail said the build would be paused for six weeks while permits are resubmitted and approved. "Credit to me for that," she concluded. On the bright side, she thinks everything will return to normal and that she will be satisfied with the results. Plus, she took a big lesson away from the whole ordeal. Keep scrolling to learn what advice she relayed to her followers.

Kail Lowry urges fans to do their research

Kail Lowry said on her Instagram Story that she could "cry tears of relief" that she thinks the design flaws for her dream home are on their way to being corrected. And while she admitted she could have paid more attention to her blueprints in the first place, she had some advice for fans who want to build or renovate a home: do their research. "So watch more YouTubes and stuff on home builds, TikToks, things to do, things not to do. I don't know why I never thought to measure stuff," she advised.

While her warning was from the heart, some fans were confused as to why she would "eyeball" something as complex as a home construction in the first place. "Why would you 'eyeball' something that important? Get a damn measuring tape, some blueprints, a banana for scale, something!" one Reddit user wrote. Another shared the same sentiment, writing, "I cant visualize anything, so I use a tape measurer! Easy as can be!" Others were confused about why she recommended TikTok for home building advice.

Luckily, Kail's home should turn out how she'd like, and both her and her followers have learned a useful lesson.