Why Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry Isn't Looking For A Relationship

Besides being about teenagers having babies, MTV's Teen Mom franchise, a spinoff of the wildly successful series 16 and Pregnant, is about teenage love. Remember your worst high school breakup? Now multiply that by 20, because there's a baby (or two, or three) and a camera crew involved — kind of high stakes, but also kind of perfect television.

Kailyn Lowry, star of Teen Mom 2, encapsulates that drama pretty well. In 2010, Kailyn first appeared on MTV at just 16 when expecting her first child with then-boyfriend Jo Rivera. Since then, the now-28-year-old has welcomed three more sons, one with ex Javi Marroquin and two more with ex Chris Lopez.

Kailyn — who published a book, A Letter of Love — wrote that her on-off relationship with Chris was particularly toxic. Already a mother of two young children at the time, Kailyn claimed that Chris had no interest in helping her when she gave birth to their first child, per Cheat Sheet. The pair worked it out, though, at least for long enough to have a second kid, but as of August 2020, they are no longer together.

Kailyn recently opened up about her complicated love life, her split from Chris, and why she isn't looking for a man anymore. Read on for all the deets.

Kailyn Lowry is focusing on family for the time being

It seems that Chris Lopez's bad attitude was the last straw for Kailyn Lowry, a busy mother-of-four. As reported above, Chris wasn't around much immediately after the birth of their first child. Well, history repeated itself when Kailyn became pregnant with their second son, Romello Creed, and Chris went MIA once again. The pair split for good shortly after the baby's birth (via Cheat Sheet).

Kailyn opened up about the split during an August 2020 interview with radio host Domenick Nati. "[Chris and I] don't communicate at all," she said. "I don't remember the last time I heard from him. He hasn't seen Creed since he was born, maybe a couple of days after."

As for her love life, Kailyn admitted dating isn't her priority. "I don't have any plans to date in the near future because my life is pure chaos," she told the host. "Creed has me up at all hours of the night. My kids need me. We've got virtual school coming up. Dating is not on my radar at all."

Among longtime fans of Teen Mom 2, there's some relief Chris and Kailyn are no longer together. Kailyn alleged that "abuse" and "trauma" were present in the "toxic" relationship on her podcast, Coffee Convos. Chris, on the other hand, had Kailyn arrested after she allegedly physically attacked him in September 2020. Meanwhile, Kailyn claimed the fight "never became physical."

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