What Pete Davidson Just Revealed About His Future On SNL

Comedian Pete Davidson has some big dreams, but his career on "Saturday Night Live" might not be a part of his vision. While chatting with some fellow comics, including Ed Helms and Ted Danson, for The Hollywood Reporter's comedy roundtable on May 27, the "King of Staten Island" star revealed the type of post-"SNL" career he'd like to emulate, and it seems safe to say he most likely won't be following in Kenan Thompson's 18 season footsteps.

"I don't know how anybody does 18 years. It's boot camp," Davidson's castmate Chris Redd said during the discussion. "Yeah, I'm good," the "Guy Code" alum, who joined the "SNL" cast in 2014, chimed in. "I'm surprised I made it to seven. I'm ready to hang up the jersey. Kenan's like f**king Karl Malone out there," he joked.

Although Davidson hinted that his "SNL" exit may be near, he still has a deep affection for the show, especially after returning to set following the woes of the COVID-19 pandemic. "I was so happy when they said that 'SNL' was going to come back because I was literally sitting with my own thoughts and I was feeling really bad," he recalled. "I was really excited just to work and see people and I had a different outlook for this season and moving forward. I think I've been able to have a lot of fun and I just really appreciate it — not working at all really sucks." Keep scrolling for more details about Davidson's future.

Pete Davidson hopes to follow in Adam Sandler's footsteps

While Pete Davidson's "Saturday Night Live" stint may be coming to a close in the near future, his career in entertainment is only beginning as he looks to his "SNL" alumni for inspiration.

"There's this aura around Eddie Murphy where you're just like, 'Holy s**t, that's Eddie Murphy.' [Adam] Sandler is like that, too, you just can't believe you're seeing him in person. I'd like the Eddie Murphy, Sandler career," Davidson told The Hollywood Reporter. "I like what Sandler did where he's like, 'These are my eight friends, we're going to do this formula for the next 30 to 50 years.' He built this entire universe for himself, and he's in his own lane. That's the model," Davidson gushed of the Happy Madison producer. "Also, the way he carries himself I try to follow. He's so kind to everyone, and you never hear of a Sandler issue — there's never like a Sandler-gate. Any time you see that guy's face, it's associated with smiles and good vibes," he added. "That's the thing I'm trying to follow."

As for now though, Davidson is content with his "SNL" gig. "I do like the randomness of it and I usually play very dumb characters. So, it's very easy for me," he joked. "I have one character that I've done in my seven years on the show, which shows how f**king great I am." We can't wait to see what's to come for Pete Davidson!