Survey Reveals The Celebrity Over 30% Of People Would Absolutely Hate To Have As Their Neighbor

Bad neighbors can turn your home sweet home into a Hell house overnight. In a 2021 survey, Nicki Swift asked nearly 600 people across the U.S. which celebrity they would absolutely hate to have as their neighbor, and the results are surprising. Let's keep it real — living next door to a pop star or television actor could have its perks. And its problems.

Famous people can have million-dollar budgets for home renovations, which can be inconvenient for neighbors. (We're looking at you, David Schwimmer.) Canadian pop star Justin Bieber was sued by his neighbor for his over-the-top parties and rude behavior. Life & Style even reported that Bieber's former neighbors, actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, said living next to the Beibs was like "living in Lebanon now." (Not cool.)

Entertainment Weekly reported that "American Pie" actor Natasha Lyonne was arrested and charged with "mischief, trespass, and harassment of a neighbor (and the neighbor's dog)."

Some potentially poor neighbors include Kim Kardashian, Ivanka Trump, Tom Cruise, and Kanye West. Buckle up and brace yourself to see who readers picked as the celebrity they would absolutely hate to have living next door.

People think Kanye West would be the worst neighbor

According to Nicki Swift's survey of 597 people, fans named Kanye West as the celebrity they would absolutely hate to have as their neighbor. The rapper came in at No. 1, with 31.95% of the vote — and it turns out the survey results were spot on. TMZ reported in 2019 that Kanye's neighbors called the police because he ignored city rules about weekend construction.

Fans ranked Kanye West's ex, Kim Kardashian, as the second-worst celeb neighbor, with 28.15% of the votes, and understandably so. It turns out Kim's real neighbors were disgusted because she hogged water during the 2015 drought.  According to Curbed, a city official said, "70 percent of the district's water is going to the lawn maintenance of about 100 manicured estates." Kim's estate, of course, was part of that select group.

Third place went to James Charles. The famous YouTube celebrity got 12.44% of the votes. Fans chose Lisa Vanderpump for the fourth place spot. The hospitality maven and Bravo celebrity received 10.19% of the fan votes. The No. 5 spot was a surprise. Former Real Housewife turned Skinny Girl mogul Bethenny Frankel got only 8.46% of the survey votes. (We love Bethenny, but she would probably be a high-maintenance neighbor.) Celebrity chef Rachael Ray came in last, with the media, food, and pet food queen receiving 8.81% of the votes.