How Much Money Lorena Bobbitt Is Worth Today

Everybody knows some version of the legend of Lorena Bobbitt, who now goes by her maiden name, Gallo. In 1993, she became a tabloid star after she famously — or infamously — cut off her husband John Wayne Bobbitt's penis with a kitchen knife and disposed of it on the side of the road in Manassas, Virginia. The media portrayed Gallo as an unhinged psychopath, but she revealed that she dismembered her then-husband's member because he had just raped her. "I didn't want to teach him a lesson," she told Vanity Fair in 2018. "No, it was survival. Life and death. I was fearing for my life." During her trial in 1994 — outside which The New York Times reports "vendors sold 'Love Hurts' T-shirts and penis-shaped candy" — Gallo revealed that her husband regularly abused her, and witnesses testified that they had seen her with bruises. The Times reports that Bobbitt has since served jail time for violence against two women.

While Bobbitt went on to star in porn — with catchy titles like "John Wayne Bobbitt's Frankenpenis" — Gallo returned to her job at a nail salon. She later ventured into real estate and hairdressing and began a non-profit to benefit domestic abuse survivors, per the Times. 

So, how much is Gallo worth today? Keep reading to find out.

Lorena Gallo lives a modest suburban life

According to CheatSheet, Lorena Gallo's estimated net worth is around $250,000. But Gallo has not tried to capitalize on her notoriety in the same fashion as her ex-husband. According to a 2019 profile in The New York Times, she actually turned down a $1 million offer to pose for "Playboy." "A million dollars is a million dollars," she said. "It would've been amazing. But I wasn't raised that way."

Per the Times, she still lives in Manassas, Virginia with her partner, David Bellinger (they're not married despite more than 20 years together) and their teenage daughter Olivia. Gallo volunteers with her daughter's volleyball team, and it appears she makes her living through the work she does with her non-profit, the Lorena Gallo Foundation. According to the foundation's official website, its mission is to educate the public on domestic violence and sexual assault prevention, expand resources for emergency response, and engage the community in activities that will improve the quality of life for survivors and their children. 

Gallo continues to be an outspoken advocate, and in 2019, she was the subject of a four-part documentary, "Lorena," produced by Jordan Peele.