The Keeping Up With The Kardashians Moment Nearly 50% People Think Crossed The Line

The number of times the Kardashian family did something on their show that was so wild it made all of us watching sit up like, "Should we really be doing this on television?" is so enormous we're having a hard time picking our favorite bananas moment. So, Nicki Swift decided to poll the audience to get some kind of consensus on the exact moment "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" officially went too far. And surprisingly, nearly 50% of respondents came down hard on one plotline in particular.

We asked: Was it airing Khloe's childbirth? Kourtney's breast milk "treatment" for psoriasis? Kourtney and Kim tricking the family into believing they fed them placenta? Tristan's (first) cheating scandal? Or was it Kourtney giving her sister Khloe a Brazilian bikini wax? Whatever the answer is, one thing that cannot be denied is Kourtney's willingness to really go there in terms of bodily shock humor, which we almost kind of respect.

So, survey says...

This may have been the grossest prank ever

According to Nicki Swift's survey, nearly half of fans believe that the placenta-eating fake-out is the clear winner — and by "winner," we mean the ickiest family moment broadcast to an audience of millions on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." We know these folks enjoy a good prank and all, but we draw the line at jokes that may induce literal vomiting and anything that compels Caitlyn Jenner to use the word "cannibalism."

In case you've blocked this episode from your memory, here's how it went down. Kim, who was pregnant at the time with baby North, had been discussing with Kourtney the potential health benefits of eating one's own placenta after birth. The rest of the family thought this sounded disgusting and said so. Rude.

So, as revenge, Kim and Kourtney decided to surprise the fam with a meal of freshly prepared mystery meat, later informing them they had all just consumed human placenta. Except, psych! It actually was just brisket all along. Nobody was pleased — except Kim and Kourt.

If it makes a difference to anyone, Kim at least really did eat her own placenta after giving birth, according to Entertainment Tonight. So at least she didn't make anyone do anything she wouldn't do herself.