The TLC Family Fans Would Never Want To Be A Part Of

TLC is known for its plethora of addicting reality television shows. Some of the highest-ranked series in 2021 include "Counting On," "Welcome to Plathville," "OutDaughtered," "Sister Wives," and "Sweet Home Sextuplets." 

"Counting On" is a spin-off of the show "19 Kids and Counting," which followed the lives of the Duggar family. After "19 Kids and Counting" was canceled, "Counting On" was developed to allow fans to continue following the lives of some of their favorite Duggar family members (via Fandom). "Welcome to Plathville" premiered in late 2019 and features a conservative Christian homeschooling family based in rural Georgia (via CheatSheet). Fans of "OutDaughtered" love to watch the rambunctious set of all-girl quintuplets grow up alongside their older sister (via TV Guide). "Sister Wives" serves as a window into the world of polygamy as it follows the lives of the Brown family (via Radar). Finally, in "Sweet Home Sextuplets," viewers are invited into the Waldrop family, consisting of parents Courtney and Eric and their nine children, including a set of sextuplets (via IMDb).

All of these fan favorites have one important thing in common: They follow the wonderful and unpredictable lives of families. However, despite being entertaining to millions of viewers, not all fans would want to share in the lives of these families if given the choice. Nicki Swift wanted to know which of the families featured in these reality shows fans would never want to be a part of. Read on to find out which family fans dislike the most.

More is not always merrier

Nicki Swift polled a total of 637 respondents across the United States to find out which TLC family fans would least like to be a part of. Of the five reality shows suggested in the survey, the one that earned the most rejects was "Counting On," meaning fans would not want to be a part of the enormous Duggar family. 

The Duggars earned 32.50% of the vote. Following in second place is the Brown family from "Sister Wives" with 29.36% of the vote. The Busby family from "OutDaughtered" was the third least-liked family with 13.50% of the vote. The Plaths from "Welcome to Plathville" and the Waldrop family from "Sweet Home Sextuplets" came in neck and neck. The former brought in 12.40% of the vote, while the Waldrops practically tied with the Plaths with a total of 12.24%. 

Fans have made their choice clear: They would never want to be a part of the Duggar family. However, the survey results beg the question of why the Duggars take the cake as the TLC family fans would least like to be a part of. Keep scrolling for some theories.

Fans have a love-hate relationship with the Duggars

There could be many reasons why the Duggars came in as the TLC family fans would never want to be a part of. According to CheatSheet, although "Counting On" is one of TLC's most popular reality shows, the Duggars have come under fire for various issues over the years. The foremost controversy that led to "19 Kids and Counting" being canceled was when a leaked police report revealed that the eldest Duggar son, Josh, was accused of molesting five girls.

Another issue that has turned people off from the Duggars is the tendency for family members to make controversial comments. In an interview with Today, family matriarch Michelle Duggar boldly stated that women should always submit and be available to their husbands.

According to CafeMom, Jim Bob reportedly disowned his daughter Jinger after she decided to depart from the family ways and explore her own path in life. He also allegedly withheld money that was owed to his daughter Jill and her husband Derick Dillard that they made through their participation in "Counting On." After involving lawyers, Jill was able to win her part of the money.

CafeMom also reported that Jim Bob and Michelle have admitted to using spy software to invade the privacy of their adult children, which fans find completely uncool. The list only continues from here, making it likely that the many Duggar controversies contributed to the survey results.