The Real Meaning Behind Jimmie Allen And Noah Cyrus' 'This Is Us'

The romantic lyrics to Jimmie Allen and Noah Cyrus' duet "This Is Us," which they performed together for the first time at the 2020 Country Music Awards, initially had plenty of fans wondering if the duo was together in real life. This does not appear to be the case, but we were still curious about the meaning behind the lyrics to the song.

In the chorus to the country-pop-rock ballad, Allen and Cyrus harmonize, "But it was just you and that was just me / Before we found love / Now this is us." Whatever the pair's actual love lives are like, it sounds like a pretty epic love story.

Luckily, Allen and Cyrus have both spoken in interviews about how the collab came together, what the song means to them, and which of the lyrics they find to be the most meaningful. Scroll on to see what they have to say about their romantic duet.

The song is about all kinds of true love

It turns out the song itself has a pretty simple origin story. Noah Cyrus wrote "This Is Us" first, in collaboration with several other songwriters, and her label brought it to Jimmie Allen later.

"I was just having a good time writing it with some friends — Ilsey Juber, Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line, and D'Mile. I don't think, at the time, we had any plans for it," Cyrus said in an interview with E! News. Allen added that he thought the song was "really cool" when he first received it, and that he always looks forward to singing it with her. Both agreed on their favorite lyric, "All I really know is love ain't simple."

But while Cyrus, who wrote the lyrics, may have been thinking of it as purely a love song, Allen said in an interview with Taste of Country that he interprets the lyrics a little bit differently. "I looked at it, not just a relationship, but friendships and stuff I've had," he told the outlet. "That lyric, 'You were just you and I was just me ...' We were kids and we might have gotten in arguments or fights, but we were trying to figure out who we were. Through all that we remained friends."

So we guess the real meaning of the song is that love, any kind of love, conquers all in the end. We can dig it.