Here's How Much Karen Fairchild Is Really Worth

Karen Fairchild is no stranger to country music fans everywhere. Fairchild is a mainstay in country music playlists with her band, Little Big Town. As one of the founding members of the band, Fairchild has been an active vocalist in the country music scene since the 1990s, according to the Little Big Town website. And surprisingly for the music industry, all four founding members of the band are still involved in its work today, including Kimberly Schlapman, Phillip Sweet, and Jimi Westbrook, whom Fairchild married in 2006, reported Wide Open Country.

It turns out that it was a great idea for Fairchild and Schlapman to "find some guys to sing with," because their four-person group has become "the longest-running band in country music with a mainstream platform," according to Rolling Stone. Not only that, but Little Big Town is renowned industry-wide, having won four Grammy Awards, nine Country Music Association Awards, and eight Academy of Country Music Awards, just to name a few, according to their website. 

Given all of the band's success, how much is Fairchild worth? Read on to find out!

Karen Fairchild makes her fortune from music and fashion

Karen Fairchild is just one of four vocalists in the country music band Little Big Town. Since helping to form the band in the 1990s, Fairchild has become successful in her own right as one of the leading songwriters for the band on each of their albums, reported Rolling Stone. But with Little Big Town's critical and commercial fame, how much is Fairchild worth?

While the exact amount of Fairchild's wealth is unclear, it's estimated that the singer-songwriter has a net worth between $10 million and $28 million, per TV Overmind. Her success with the band has contributed to most of her net worth, but Fairchild also has other income from her clothing line, Fair Child, with retail giant Macy's that debuted in October 2016. "Outside of writing songs and performing, [fashion is] definitely my passion," she told Sounds Like Nashville the month of the line's debut. "I view it a lot like telling a story in a song. I think an outfit tells a story, and I think when there's something interesting or surprising or a little twist, that's what makes a great song and it's the same thing that makes a great outfit." 

Fairchild is living the dream by making money from two of her favorite things, and it's working out for both her and her bank account.