Why Hannah Brown's New Photo Has Fans Doing A Double Take

Hannah Brown is one of the rare members of Bachelor Nation who has transcended the reality dating show and become an iconic part of pop culture. Obviously, she's still very invested in the franchise and actually wound up crashing the premiere of Peter Weber's season of "The Bachelor."

While Hannah didn't pick Peter on her season of "The Bachelorette," she also didn't pick Tyler Cameron, another beloved runner-up. While the thought of Hannah and Peter as a couple fizzled quickly, fans were enamored with the idea of Hannah and Tyler getting together. To everyone's delight, the duo briefly reunited, but that didn't last long. 

Since then, Hannah has found love with new boyfriend Adam Woolard, and she actually revealed who made the first move between the two of them. Speaking of Hannah and Adam, "The Bachelorette ” star just dropped a new photo on Instagram, and it has fans doing a double-take. Here's what's going on.

Fans think that Adam Woolard is Tyler Cameron

Hannah Brown shared a very adorable pic to Instagram on June 3, 2021 of herself and Adam Woolard. In the photo, Adam is hugging Hannah and kissing her cheek. Hannah captioned the photo: "My sweetie." However, Adam's face is partially hidden, and maybe it's because of this or because he has a baseball cap on, but fans are legit confusing him with Tyler Cameron. Awkward!

"I really thought this was [Tyler Cameron] and got too excited," one fan commented. "ok i thought this was [Tyler Cameron] for a second," another person wrote, followed by a crying emoji. "not me thinking that this was Tyler C," someone else commented.

While this has got to be uncomfortable for everyone involved, Hannah and Tyler have remained good friends, according to People. Plus, Adam legit does look like Tyler and this ain't the first time that fans have noticed the similarity between the two of them on social media. We're guessing by now that Hannah, Adam, and Tyler just laugh it off.