Britney Spears' Latest Thoughts Are Turning Heads

Britney Spears has been known to send the internet into a frenzy with her Instagram posts and captions. Her fans always seem to be searching for a hidden message or hint about how Spears is doing or how she's feeling. Fans also seem to want to figure out if Spears is really the one posting, a theory that she previously debunked, telling TMZ that she writes her own IG captions. Fans became concerned about the pop star in early 2019 after she decided to step back from the public eye, and take a break from performing. Since that time, Spears' Instagram activity has been different — to say the least. Some might even refer to her posts as bizarre at times. 

On June 4, Spears supplied fans with yet another interesting Instagram post. This time, the pop star shared a photo that was first posted by Hilary Duff back in April 2020. Spears was drawn to the photo, which was snapped after Duff's son creatively placed some rocks around a flower on what appeared to be a cement sidewalk. There wasn't much to the original photo, but the set-up of the rocks looked pretty cool — cool enough that Duff decided to share it with her followers. However, Spears had a much deeper connection to the pic, as evidenced by her lengthy caption. Keep reading to find out why Spears' latest thoughts are turning heads.

Britney Spears loves rocks

Britney Spears thought the rock art created by Duff's kids was "way cool." In her Instagram caption, she told her followers that she "always collected crystals" and that her parents "thought it was weird" when she'd go looking for "rocks and crystals" in neighbors' driveways. "I have a beautiful collection now, but only about 10. I give them a lot of attention. I almost feel a sort of protection when I see rocks now. They are so strong and solid. I like holding them," Spears wrote, adding that if she was ever around anyone who gave her "bad vibes" when she was younger, she would "hold [the rock] very tight."

Spears also revealed that these rocks and crystals would help her improve her confidence and admitted that she would bring them with her for interviews — even as an adult. She then went on to write that rocks "have a lot of intellect," which is rather curious because rocks aren't living beings. Nevertheless, she encouraged her fans to "hold on to one of [their] favorite rocks" when they find themselves wanting to connect "to the universe." Spears concluded her strange caption by reminding people that they "can't mess with Mother Nature" and that while she is powerful, she's also "responsible" for the beautiful seasons. "So please pick up a piece of her today and smile! There are so many religions but the 'worship of nature' is the only go pick up a f****** rock," she concluded, adding three crying with laughter emoji.