Here's How Much Logan Paul Is Really Worth

YouTuber Logan Paul might not be everyone's cup of tea, thanks to a series of controversial moves the 26-year-old has made over the past few years. (Among his most famous of these moments was the 2017 controversy over the ethics of content creation after he filmed and uploaded footage of a person who had recently died by suicide in Japan's Aokigahara forest near Mt. Fuji.) But whether you're a fan, passive follower, or foe, it's impossible not to admit that Paul knows how to mastermind a good publicity stunt — and his latest is a professional boxing match with none other than Floyd Mayweather. 

As CBS reported in early June, both Mayweather, who retired from boxing in 2015, and Paul aren't necessarily an example of a typical match-up between fighters. Per the network, Paul and Mayweather are a physical mismatch, with Paul clocking in at 199 lbs. and with Mayweather at 147 lbs. The exhibition match, which is scheduled to take place in Miami on June 6, will not require the usual protective equipment or judging protocol. The stakes, however, are extremely high for both fighters. 

According to The Sporting News, Mayweather is expecting to make at least $100 million after stepping into the ring, and Paul has stated that he's projecting a $20 million takeaway for himself. But if you factor in how much Paul's net worth already is, is $20 million a big get or more like pocket change for the Internet celebrity? Read on to find out.

Logan Paul's boxing bout could double his net worth

Despite the fact that Logan Paul has erroneously claimed that he is richer than his boxing opponent Floyd Mayweather, whose net worth totals at an estimated $450 million (via CBS), Paul himself isn't exactly worth chump change. According to a recent report by CBS, the controversial YouTuber known best for his bro-related posturing and very public slapstick stunting has a net worth of roughly $19 million. (So — far, far less than Mayweather.) 

But while the chance of Paul scoring $20 million in his June 6 fight against the retired boxing champion could more than double his current fortune, Paul himself isn't exactly hurting, either. As CBS noted, Paul boasted in a recent interview that he had purchased a fossil of a dinosaur leg a short while ago worth a whopping $400,000. 

Though CBS pointed out that Paul's boast about having more money than Mayweather was likely in line with Paul's penchant for trolling, it's safe to say that the content creator isn't likely to fall on hard times in the near future.