Two Tiger King Stars Were Just Arrested For DUI. Here's What We Know

Considering the docuseries "Tiger King" contains the words "murder," "madness," and "mayhem" in its subtitle, it's not exactly a surprise that the subjects of the 2020 Netflix smash hit aren't exactly known for keeping in accordance with the law. While some of the cast featured in the show has managed to make a claim to fame without facing the scrutiny of law enforcement following the multipart documentary's debut — such as Carole Baskin, who went on to appear on the reality competition "Dancing with the Stars" in 2020 — other's haven't necessarily been quite as fortunate. But now, as central figure of the show Joe "Exotic" Maldonado-Passage sits in a prison in Texas serving out a 22-year sentence for his part in the attempted murder-for-hire on his rival, Baskin, it looks like at least one other major player and one slightly minor character are now the focus of yet another altercation with police authorities — albeit one that isn't as serious as an attempted assassination. 

As People reported on June 5, two "Tiger King" stars were arrested earlier in the day for driving under the influence. Unfortunately for the pair, their DUI comes mere weeks after another major headline-making incident. So what are the identities of these two "Tiger King" stars? And what will happen from here on out? Keep on reading after the jump to find out more.

These two 'Tiger King' stars have encountered a string of bad luck

According to People, the two former subjects of "Tiger King" involved with an incident with police enforcement for driving under the influence outside of Oklahoma City are Jeff Lowe and his wife, Lauren. Per the magazine, both Lowes were apprehended in the early hours of June 5, after police nearby noticed a white Range Rover driving erratically. In a police report which documented the encounter, law enforcement noted that both Jeff and Lauren Lowe slurring their words while speaking with the officers on the scene, and exhibited "a strong odor commonly associated" with alcohol. Jeff, in particular, quickly failed a sobriety test due to "unsteadiness on his feet" and an "inability to follow the directions." After conducting a breathalyzer test, his blood-alcohol level clocked in at 0.18, which is more than twice the legal limit in Oklahoma. Both were subsequently taken into custody and booked hours later.

Unfortunately for the Lowes, their DUI arrest comes on the heels of an earlier wave of bad press. In late May, government officials seized 68 big cats from their zoo — the same one which once belonged to Exotic, which was taken over and renamed "Tiger King Park" by the Lowes — over alleged multiple violations of the Endangered Species Act, despite numerous prior warnings from federal officials.