The Real Life Partners Of The Cast Of Loki

"Loki" has proven to be extremely popular, with aptly declaring it the Christopher Nolan movie that never was. This analogy is mainly attributable to the Disney+ series' multi-layered narrative and the intricacies of the characterization. The show dropped in June 2021 and became the third most watched streaming show in its first week. Disney+ users have been thoroughly engrossed in the lives of the central characters, as a number of unforeseen plot developments have left viewers enthralled.

Much of the show's popularity lies in the creators' casting choices, with the formidable key players comprised of both A-listers and up and coming actors, from Tom Hiddleston to rising star Wunmi Mosaku. The ever burgeoning Marvel Cinematic Universe now proudly boasts a slew of refreshing young talent, many of whom hail from the United Kingdom.

With its innovative romantic story lines adding some much welcome profundity to the enigma of the eponymous anti-hero, we can't help but wonder about the real life partners of the "Loki" cast.

Tom Hiddleston and his co-star boo keep it... low key

From Taylor Swift to Kat Dennings, "Loki" star Tom Hiddleston has a long list of A-list loves. With his quintessentially British charm, it's not difficult to see why. As of this writing, the affable actor, who plays the show's titular God of Mischief, is linked to fellow actor Zawe Ashton and fans are loving their PDA-packed romance.

The couple's first working appearance came in 2018. The following year they shared the the West End stage in "Betrayal" before headlining the same production on Broadway. But Hiddleston and Ashton's relationship turned romantic at some point during the two runs. As reported in the Daily Mail, the couple spent significant time together in New York, and was spotted holding hands at an outdoor auction and adorably twinning in matching "navy blue ensembles." 

Like her apparent beau, Ashton also hails from England. After starting on British TV, the star earned her own MCU debut with "The Marvels," playing film's main villain and squaring off against Brie Larson's Captain Marvel. Also like Hiddleston, Ashton made it clear she hates discussing her love life in the press, telling The Times in 2018 that the potential scrutiny is "not an element of self-interpretation that I need to have in my life as an anxious person." She also declared — notably pre-Hiddleston — "I don't hang around with famous people, so no one [in my life] has asked for that self-consciousness [they would feel if they were written about]."

Owen Wilson's private personal life has been busy — and fruitful

Owen Wilson has been a welcome addition to the MCU. Despite his ever charming on screen persona as Mobius M. Mobius, Wilson is furtive away from the camera. But the lifelong bachelor's private personal life is plenty busy: the 52-year-old has three children by three different women.

From 2010 to 2011, Wilson dated Jade Duell, who reportedly worked as a federal air marshal. Their relationship was brief, but did produce the actor's first child, a son named Ford. The "Wedding Crashers" star was then linked to Caroline Lindqvist. A personal trainer, Lindqvist spoke candidly about her relationship with Wilson to Aftonbladet — a popular newspaper in her native Sweden. "We're not planning on starting a relationship," she told the outlet in October 2013. "Owen and I are two close friends having a baby together." Their son was born in January 2014

In 2018, Wilson welcomed his third child and first daughter, Lyla, with girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates, with whom he was first seen in public in June 2014. According to Vongsvirates's LinkedIn profile, she was educated at the University of California and currently works as a business development representative. In a 2019 interview with the Daily Mail, Vongsvirates opened up about her split from Wilson, which she claimed was acrimonious. "Lyla needs a father. It's ironic how [Owen] keeps getting these father roles, he's playing a father in his new movie, and he's never met his own daughter," she told the gossip site.

Despite dating some famous men, Gugu Mbatha-Raw is too busy for commitment

Regal assassin and anti-hero Ravonna Renslayer is a force to be reckoned with on "Loki," proving to be a fierce match for the eponymous protagonist. The actor who embodies Renslayer is equally dynamic. A supporter of myriad noble causes, from Black Lives Matter to the plight of refugees, British actor Gugu Mbatha-Raw seemingly devotes much of her life to philanthropic efforts, which perhaps means she has little time for romance.

The 38-year-old star has, however, dated some prominent men in the past, including "Game of Thrones" actor Harry Lloyd, who is the great-great-great grandson of Charles Dickens. In a 2020 discussion with her "Black Mirror" co-star Mackenzie Davis for Interview, Mbatha-Raw explained that she "[grew] up in the U.K. with Jane Austen dramas and Charles Dickens adaptations on TV," so it seems like a fairytale come true that she ended up dating the esteemed author's descendant. The pair were reportedly in a relationship until 2012, though neither has spoken publicly of the romance. According to E!, the couple were among a select few lucky celebs who got to meet Prince William and Kate Middleton at a charity gala in 2011, shortly after the royal couple's wedding

As of this writing, Mbatha-Raw remains tight-lipped about her love life. In 2019, she wouldn't even confirm her past relationship with Lloyd to The Times. She did, however, reveal, "I'm sort of not fussed about getting married. I don't have that romantic attachment to the idea of a wedding."

Wunmi Mosaku is secretive about her husband

B-15 has built a reputation as uncompromising and tough, proving to be one of Loki's biggest threats. But the actor who plays her is an unabashedly sweet and sensitive soul, distinct from her on screen persona. As highlighted by an Elle profile, "Being overly 'nice' was a choice [Wunmi] Mosaku felt she had to make and maintain as a schoolgirl growing up in Manchester, England."

Wunmi Mosaku emigrated from her native UK to sunny Los Angeles to live with her husband, who is an LA native. According to an interview with Soho House, Wunmi Mosaku's husband works in the entertainment industry behind the scenes. In 2020, the couple got through lockdown together.

Mosaku's mystery husband does not feature on her social media accounts, and remains publicly unnamed, but she does briefly mentioned him in interviews. For example, in June 2021, she alluded to Schön! that if it weren't for the pandemic, she wouldn't be married at all. "I definitely wouldn't have gone on a date with an American that I ended up marrying," she said, adding, "It's the best thing that ever happened." She also told Byrdie that she often denies him screentime in service of her self-care routine, and revealed to ScreenRant that her other half refuses to "run lines" with her. But these cryptic tidbits are likely all we'll know about Mr. Mosaku, as the "Lovecraft Country" star also told NME of her wariness to discuss her personal life: "I'm not an actor because I want people to know about me." 

Eugene Cordero has met his match in Tricia McAlpin

As desk clerk Casey, Eugene Cordero provides "Loki" with some much needed comic relief. A regular Joe among extraordinary players, Casey routinely lightens the mood in a non-canon role and frequently clashes with Loki.

The veteran comedian has found a kindred spirit in his wife Tricia McAlpin, who writes for hit comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," on which Cordero has also guest starred. On the personal side, the couple revealed to Group Text with Erin and MeLissa podcast that they've been a romantic couple since 2008. They also share one son, named Eugene Quincy Cordero V., and Tricia frequently pays tribute to the boy's father on Twitter. "Excuse me yes my husband is indeed crushing Hollywood as we know it," Tricia exclaimed in a wholesome tweet. "YEAH BABY I LOVE YOU @eugenecordero !!

Tricia is no slouch herself when it comes to the performing arts. She's hit the stage with the legendary improv group Upright Citizens Brigade, written for Funny or Die, and even created her own parody wedding planning website after becoming disillusioned with the cottage industry around the creation of perfectly executed nuptials as she planned hers and Eugene's. Asked about her own Hollywood dreams, she told YellowScene Magazine in 2012, "Creating my own TV show, like Tina Fey or Lena Dunham. If I could tell stories from my point of view, hire my friends to write and act in them, and get it on TV? That would be the dream for sure." 

Tara Strong and her husband share compassionate interests

On "Loki," Tara Strong plays the vital role of Miss Minutes, a part that has led a number of fans to theorize that the cartoon clock is the villainous mastermind behind everything. An established voice actor with a career spanning two decades, Strong is in her element as Miss Minutes.

The actor is married to Craig Strong, whom she first met in 1999, and they wed a year later. The pair share two sons, Sammy and Aiden. Tara jokingly credits her husband with making her autograph a breeze these days. When asked by a fan on Twitter whether she took her husband's name or not, she explained, "I took his! My maiden name is Charendoff & I was super happy to NOT spell it anymore." 

After a brief stint as an actor with parts on "Friends" and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," Craig left Hollywood and embarked on a career as a real estate investor and developer. His official website states that he is "a native New Yorker" now working in the Greater Los Angeles area. It's not difficult to see what drew Tara and Craig Strong together: both partners are known for their altruism. In addition to her impressive acting résumé, Tara Strong helps out women who have endured divorce by uplifting and inspiring them to live their truth. Meanwhile, Craig Strong's website states that he is an ardent supporter of Children's Hospital Los Angeles, for which he has been involved in fundraising campaigns. 

Sophia Di Martino and Will Sharpe are collaborators and lovers

The "will they/won't they" tension between Loki and his variant, Sylvie, is at the heart of the show's romantic plot developments. Dubbed "Lady Loki," Sylvie supplies viewers with some of the show's most memorable moments, and faces off with her male counterpart in heated scenes. As Sylvie, Sophia Di Martino is a revelatory, thoroughly charming addition to the MCU.

The up and coming star's partner is Will Sharpe, with whom she has a child, born in 2019. An unconventional character in his own right, Sharpe is an English-born actor, writer, and director who spent much of his childhood in Tokyo. He created and stars in the dark comedy series "Flowers," in which Di Martino also portrays talented musician Amy. 

Like Sharpe himself, Di Martino's character on the show lives with bipolar disorder. In an interview with the UK's Channel 4, Sharpe emphasized the importance of Di Martino and himself pairing up to consult a mental health organization in order to authentically depict Amy's illness. "They met with Sophia and she talked to someone who had experienced similar things to what Amy goes through during the course of the series," he explained. "Even though a lot of this is drawing on experience, I wanted to make sure that we were telling the story responsibly and thought it would be no bad thing to have experts cast an eye over it to make sure we weren't doing anything unhelpful."

Sasha Lane may have found her soulmate, but we'll probably never know

Playing Hunter C-20, a soldier of the Time Variance Authority, Sasha Lane has demonstrated her commanding on screen presence. At the tender age of 25, Lane is a rousing and powerful force on "Loki," appearing wise beyond her years.

Lane barely discusses her personal life in detail, but in November 2020, she told the Independent that she prefers not to label her sexual identity. "I just have a very broad and open and unique way of loving," she shared, adding, "I can literally fall in love with a f***ing squirrel. Anyone." 

Lane had previously dropped a cryptic hint about that someone, telling ASOS Magazine (via Just Jared) in 2019, "I know I have found this person...but I don't necessarily want to say who. I need a person who can feel good in their space as well as I do in my space." The "American Honey" star, who's been candid about her schizoaffective disorder diagnosis, also told the outlet, "Sometimes I feel guilt about how I am, and my mind, and how I have to manage life. But I want that person to know that [my mental state] is a gift rather than just an illness or something I need meds for. If they can recognize that, then we can be." 

One detail we do know about Lane's personal life? She welcomed a daughter in late 2019, but has not shared the identity of the child's father. 

Richard E. Grant's 35-year marriage is a Hollywood rarity

With his distinctively whisperous voice, cult favorite Richard E. Grant has a charismatic persona that has charmed audiences since the 1980s. An ideal match for the show's impressive cast, Grant plays Classic Loki, an elder Loki variant, and is certainly convincing as an older embodiment of Tom Hiddleston.

Throughout his career, the thespian has been in a relationship with Scottish dialect coach Joan Washington, whom he wed in 1986. The pair first met in 1982 and have been going strong since. As she recalled to Independent in 1994, Washington fell in love with the "good-looking and very funny" Grant when she helped him perfect a Belfast accent for a role. Sweetly, Washington recounted their meet-cute, which could be straight out of a British romcom plot. "We met... at the Actors' Centre. I used to teach there ... I actually used to find him quite annoying because he'd get giggles at quite the wrong moment and I was a strict teacher. He was hyper-energetic, very enthusiastic, incredibly open," she explained, adding that she "thought his hairy arms were fabulous."

After three miscarriages, Washington gave birth to the couple's daughter, Olivia, in 1989. Grant is also step-father to Washington's biological son, Tom, from a previous relationship. Tom was just seven years old when he met Grant for the first time, and the two bonded immediately. "I wasn't the reason his parents split up, so that helped," Grant joked to The Times.