Meghan McCain Has Some Strong Words For Trump's Latest Appearance

Oh my goodness, it sounds like Meghan McCain and Joy Behar almost agreed on something. It's easy to miss, because they didn't phrase their statements as if they agreed, but they both used similar words in describing former President Donald Trump's appearance at the North Carolina Republican Party's state convention this past weekend.

While everything Trump says sets Twitter ablaze, people were much more focused on how he looked, rather than anything he said or did during his speech on June 5. Dressed in a dark blue suit, white shirt, and his trademark too-long red necktie, Trump caused a stir. Everyone commented on how odd he looked: wrinkled, unkempt, and just plain weird, with questions abound about the strange fit of his pants.

He "gave that speech today wearing his pants on backwards," one Twitter user said. Others asked, if they weren't on backwards, what happened to the fly? "My theory: I don't think the no-fly zone is a case of Trump putting his pants on backwards," another tweeted. "I think he wears modified suit pants with an elastic waist band and no fly to fit over an adult diaper. They're just like pants you put on a toddler who's not potty trained." Even the hashtag #DiaperDon was trending.

While Snopes debunked the idea that Trump was wearing his pants backwards, conservative mouthpiece McCain jumped on the bandwagon of those criticizing his appearance. Keep reading and we'll tell you what she said.

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar agreed in criticizing Donald Trump

On Monday's episode of "The View," Whoopi Goldberg introduced the topic of Donald Trump's appearance and asked her panelists, including Meghan McCain and Joy Behar, "what's up with the pants?"

McCain didn't pull any punches, speaking honestly even while saying she's "not one of these people [who is] always just like dunking on [Trump]." She explained, "Ex-presidents have to present themselves in a way where they're going to be taken seriously, otherwise you can kind of look like a crazy, ex-mad king." She also compared Trump's look to "a wedding singer at Mar-a-Lago," saying he generally looked "really disheveled. He doesn't look good."

Behar said something similar, saying Trump's pants "make him look crazy." She also pointed out the hypocrisy of Fox News — who didn't cover this weekend's event — always claiming President Joe Biden "suffers from dementia," when he's "riding his bike and leading a country quite well," while Trump "is running around with pants that look like he pooped in them or something." It seems Behar is team #DiaperDon. Behar also pointed out that a politician who "stole so much money from his constituents" should be able to afford better pants.

Sara Haines argued that Trump "always kinda looks like this: the disheveled, oversize suits, when he does that dance, like this," she said, clapping her hands awkwardly. "It feels like he's around people [who]... just 'yes' him. Or they can't control him." Either way, McCain and the girls had a good laugh about it.