The Untold Truth Of The Impractical Jokers' Wives

Every "Impractical Jokers" fan knows a whole lot about Sal, Murr, Joe, and Q. However, standing just behind-the-scenes are their biggest fans of all time, who many people don't know much about: their wives.

Half of the jokers are happily married, which is something that is frequently talked about on their TV show. However, the spotlight doesn't land on these special ladies as often as their hilarious husbands. "My wife is amazing," Joe Gatto gushed to MassLive. "She is able to let me do this for our family."

The successful series continues to take over truTV to this day. It's been over a decade since "Impractical Jokers" first aired and catapulted these comedians into stardom. Yet, while James Murray has been able to live out his dreams, nothing has even compared to meeting his wife, Melyssa Davies. "We've had nine amazing years on TV," he told People following their engagement in 2019. "But getting engaged to Melyssa is the best thing that's ever happened to me." So who exactly are these amazing women? Here are a few facts you never knew about the wives of the "Impractical Jokers."

Joe Gatto's wife used to live with him and James Murray

Before joker Joe Gatto ever tied the knot with his sweetheart in 2013, the couple had some interesting living accommodations. While they were dating, Joe was living with one of his "Impractical Jokers" co-stars. When he asked his soon-to-be wife, Bessy Gatto, to officially move in together in 2010, it was with both him and Murray in their Manhattan apartment. "I packed my bags and left California to move in with these [two] goofy people," she reminisced on Instagram. "And life has never been the same" — in many more ways than one!

It was in that same Manhattan apartment that the concept for the jokers' hidden camera show was born (via MassLive). The following year, "Impractical Jokers" premiered for the very first time on truTV. Not only did it catapult Joe into success, but Bessy flew into fame along with him. "NY has been a crazy ride," she continued. "But I wouldn't trade it for anything."

James Murray was once married to Sal Vulcano's sister

While we're writing about the jokers' wives, we have to mention James Murray's first wife. Yes, he's technically been married twice. Fans of "Impractical Jokers" may remember that Murray tied the knot with Sal Vulcano's sister, Jenna Vulcano, during Season 3. "What an amazing moment. In the same day, I get a wife and a brother," Murray joked. Yet, their marriage ended that very same night, he revealed on Twitter. After all, marrying Jenna was just the jokers' way of punishing their pal at the end of the episode.

The team strapped Sal to a hand truck and pulled into a crowded church so he would be forced to witness the entire wedding. "We don't know how this is going to go, so we're going to keep Sal strapped in the whole time," Joe Gatto explained in the episode.

Hundreds of people watched the wedding unfold, and no one was able to object — including Sal, who had his mouth taped shut. His parents, who were sitting in the front row, didn't object either. They were surprisingly supportive of their daughter's way of messing with her brother on national television.

Joe Gatto's wife is an animal lover

While the pranks they play on "Impractical Jokers" may be cruel at times, Joe Gatto and his wife have dedicated their lives to putting a stop to another kind of cruelty: animal cruelty. They've attended multiple events together to advocate for animal rights and have even gotten their children involved in the cause.

"Adopt Don't Shop" is one of the many missions that has been special to Joe and Bessy. Together, the couple even owns six dogs, who are all named after desserts — Biscotti, Tartufo, Pignoli, Napoleon, Spumoni, and Cannoli — and these dogs are big fans of the famous joker. "When I leave, Bessy told me that they won't stay away from the door for a half-hour, hoping I'll walk back in," Joe told New York Daily News. "And they all sleep in our bed, so I'm basically covered in puppies at night."

Joe is obviously a big fan of his fur babies. In 2020, he wrote a book all about them called "The Dogfather: My Love of Dogs, Desserts and Growing Up Italian."

James Murray met his 'second' wife at his book signing

Believe it or not, but James Murray from "Impractical Jokers" was busy on the job when he met his soon-to-be wife. In 2018, he released a science fiction novel called "Awakened" that was the talk of the town. During his book signing, a woman walked in, hoping for a signed book, but she walked away with a lot more. Murray exchanged phone numbers with the nurse named Melyssa Davies. "She was gorgeous," he reminisced to Millennium Magazine. "We totally hit it off!"

Surprisingly, it took three whole months before he ever heard from her and they made plans to meet up. Their first date began at his favorite restaurant in New York and ended with her meeting all four jokers. "The guys met her and loved her," Murray explained. "Later, during a punishment we were filming for the show, they cornered me. ... Pushed me into the corner nose-to-nose and said, 'Don't you screw this up.'" Luckily, their relationship is still running strong. A year later, he popped the question with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring.

For being married to a TV star, Joe Gatto's wife isn't a fan of the spotlight

For being married to a nationally-known comedian, Joe Gatto's wife, Bessy Gatto, isn't all about being in the spotlight. "Not much gets me out of my comfort zone," she wrote on Instagram. "And in heels." Yet, the self-proclaimed introvert has attended many events alongside her husband and has even appeared a few times on his TV show "Impractical Jokers."

Once, Bessy was even part of a pretty uncomfortable prank. She may be shy, but when her husband had been dared to kiss another woman, she wasn't afraid of sharing her feelings for fans to see on-screen. "You can kiss her if you want to sleep on the couch tonight," Bessy told him. In the end, Joe decided to kiss his own wife instead. Good choice, Joe!

Bessy isn't the only family member who's been involved in "Impractical Jokers." Their two kids have also appeared on stage during some of Joe's shows. "I get to share some memories with her and my family," he proudly told MassLive. Joe's comedic career has truly been a family affair.

James Murray had thousands of people help him propose to his wife

All marriage proposals are pretty personal moments, but James Murray had some big help when it came to his. While he was touring with all the "Impractical Jokers" in 2019, he enlisted audience members at each show to ask Melyssa Davies to marry him. When it came time to propose to her, he put all the clips together into a full-length video for her. "It's literally fans from all across America, including Comic-Con, which is 20,000 people in one shot, asking Melyssa to marry me," Murray explained to People. "I mean, every single audience raised their right hand and swore they wouldn't post it." And crazy enough, not a single one of his fans did.

In September 2020, Mr. and Mrs. Murray tied the knot in Pennsylvania, and the wedding was as fun as you'd think — complete with a bounce house and his co-star, comedian Joe Gatto, officiating their ceremony. "You know, I never thought I would get married, I never thought I wanted to get married," Murray revealed. "And I met Melyssa and it was instantly different."

James Murray and his wife eventually want to have kids

Now that James Murray is married, do he and his missus want kids? "That's a few years away," he told Jon Interviews in February 2021. After all, he's been busy with everything going on in his life. "Right now, I'm enjoying the married life and enjoying making a TV show with my best friends," he explained. "And I'm raising a puppy."

Penny, a half havanese and half lasso abso puppy, was what Murray's wife surprised him with when they purchased their first home together. Like his wife, the puppy has since appeared on TV alongside James and has even become a star herself. In fact, Penny has over 9,000 followers on her very own Instagram account. She will also soon be starring in one of Murray's graphic novels (via Brother HQ). So while the world waits for Mr. and Mrs. Murray to have a child of their own, their fur baby will continue to keep them busy.