Tayshia Adams Reveals The Truth About The Bachelorette's Box Boy, James

Although many of the entrances on Katie Thurston's "The Bachelorette" season premiere were fairly straightforward, there were a few men that definitely had fans buzzing. "Cat Man" (actual name Connor Brennan) seemed to shock viewers with his cat suit outfit complete with furry paws, but he quickly became a fan favorite. "RV Man" Jeff Caravello gave off the wrong vibes to fans from the get-go. Then, of course, there was "Box Boy" (real name James Bonsall), who showed up to meet Katie trapped inside a giant gift box, and wasn't revealed for what seemed like hours into the night.

Fans were immediately taken back by the mysterious man, and wondered how he survived in the box all night long. Luckily, "Bachelorette" co-host Tayshia Adams gave the inside scoop on what went down with James behind the scenes. "They were feeding him drinks through like a little hole [in the box] and they were feeding him like little hors d'oeuvres and stuff like that and he was in it all night," she revealed on her "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast on June 8. "Like even we were confused, like is he gonna come out?" she continued. "Like what's happening here? How is she gonna give him a rose? Like he sat in that thing all night long."

Luckily for James, once Katie let him out of the box, they hit it off pretty well. Plus, his good looks made his competition a bit nervous. Keep scrolling to learn more about "Box Boy's" debut.

Box Boy James Bonsall is a fan favorite

Once "The Bachelorette" viewers got to meet "Box Boy" James Bonsall outside of his human-sized gift box, they were fans. "I'm here for box boy," one viewer tweeted. Another wrote, "Box boy on the bachelorette deserves the world." Naturally, there is much more to James than his ability to sit patiently in a box for hours. So, what is the truth about him?

According to his official "Bachelorette" biography, he seeks someone with "life and energy" and "loves women who have goals of their own." He also likes to make sure his woman knows she is cared for and prefers to show his love through actions and not just words. While he doesn't have much of a footprint on social media, his Instagram page makes it clear he is into fitness and likes keeping his built body in shape. He also has a heart for adventure, as some of his posts show him jet-skiing in New York and posing in Greece.

Considering Katie Thurston's "Bachelorette" biography describes her as being "unapologetically herself" and "adventurous," it seems like the stars could align for these two. Of course, only time will tell.