Tayshia Adams Shares Insider Scoop On Katie Thurston's Season

As anticipation builds for Katie Thurston's season of "The Bachelorette," former Bachelorette and interim host Tayshia Adams has shared an inside scoop with fans.

Tayshia gave fans insight into how Katie handled herself while filming the 17th season of the hit reality dating show, specifically mentioning if she followed former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe's advice. "I was there. I can tell you that she took this advice to heart," Tayshia confirmed on her Click Bait podcast on May 6. 

Kaitlyn revealed to Hollywood Life on May 3 that she encouraged Katie to be her authentic self while filming her season. "There's a lot of pressure from the world watching, and a lot of times you get in your head about what they would want..." she explained. "It has to be truly authentic to yourself and how you're feeling, no matter who you're going to piss off."

Katie became an early favorite among Bachelor Nation fans for being proud of who she is as well as standing up against the so-called bullies on Matt James' "Bachelor" season. While Tayshia said Katie definitely stuck to Kaitlyn's advice, she shared it wasn't always easy. "I think it was challenging and hard for her at times. Rightfully so," Tayshia said. "I think everybody would have a difficult time to do that. I think she tried her best."

Tayshia continued on to share her own advice for Katie, and even dropped a juicy hint about the upcoming season.

Tayshia Adams says fans will experience something new this season

Being a former Bachelorette and temporary host for Bachelor Nation, Tayshia Adams unsurprisingly had some words of wisdom of her own to share with Katie Thurston. While discussing the struggles that come with being the center of it all on "The Bachelorette," Tayshia said she told Katie to let things fall into place on their own.

"You don't really get the full experience when you're trying to control every twist and turn. That's the one place — and I tried to explain this to Katie as well — that's the one place to just let other people kinda handle it and just see where the cards unfold," she recalled on her Click Bait podcast. She continued, "I mean it's not very natural for you to be navigating 20, 30 relationships at one time. This is the one time where you do have people kind of having your best interest and trying to take care of that for you," she said.

Of course, Tayshia's co-hosts weren't letting her off the hook without spilling some details about Katie Thurston's season. In Bachelor Nation style, Tayshia said to expect the unexpected. "I feel like there's definitely some things that take place in this season that I don't think have happened before," she teased. Fans will have to wait until June 7 to see what she means.