Why John Stamos Had To Do This Before Becoming A Father

"Full House" star John Stamos and his wife Caitlin McHugh love giving back. The actor, McHugh, and some of his fellow "Big Shot" castmates joined forces and volunteered with Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and Feeding America over the weekend, per Inside Nova.

Stamos also took to Instagram and shared some photos of the day. He captioned the post, "13 million children in the US don't know where they'll get their next meal. As a dad, that doesn't sit right with me." Stamos and McHugh are parents to 3-year-old Billy. He then continued, "So today, @caitlinskybound and I, along with some of the @bigshotseries cast, volunteered with @FeedingAmerica and @LAFoodbank to distribute meals to children and families."

It seems as if Stamos, 57, has more heart now that he has become a father himself. He once famously told Us Weekly, "My ovaries are rattling. Do men have ovaries?" He wanted to have kids very much, but was waiting for the right partner to father a child with. Fast-forward to February 2018, and the "Grandfathered" star wed his glowing and pregnant bride. However, Stamos also shared that before he became a dad, he first needed to do something else.

Why does he feel that Billy came at the right time? The actor dug deep and got personal, per People.

Billy changed John Stamos' life

Back in 2015, John Stamos pleaded no contest to driving under the influence. He was sentenced to three years of probation, per USA Today, and was ordered to attend Alcohol Anonymous meetings. The star recently told People, "It's been close to six years in June that I sobered up."

It seems as if he got a wake-up call in 2015 and realized that he needed to change. Stamos also believes that his sobriety influenced how he has been able to parent his son. He shared, "I never could have been a father during some of the more – some of it was really fun and some of it got to be very unhealthy."

Stamos also seemingly adores his son and dished about parenthood to the outlet. "Being a parent is about sacrifice. You don't get rewarded for it," he explained. He also said, "You don't get a trophy or a ring, but what you do get is, you get a child who is more loving, more kind and a smarter version of you, and I think that's really special." That's a wise dad! He also previously told People that he was "trying to make the most of every moment" with his son. The "Fuller House" star added, "I wanted kids my whole life. And I'm just so grateful."

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