Who Is Kayla Jean From Too Hot To Handle?

Netflix's steamy reality dating series "Too Hot to Handle" is back with an even sexier season than before. Each season follows a group of international singles (who are all ridiculously good-looking, mind you) as they try their best to make lasting connections with one another without ever kissing, touching, or more. There's also a virtual assistant, Lana, who's essentially the host and rule enforcer on the island.

"Too Hot to Handle" Season 2 is set to drop June 23 with its first few episodes. Per Marie Claire, the season will be released sort of similar to how Netflix's other reality show, "The Circle," with new episodes being released in batches. According to Deadline, Brandon Riggs, Netflix's VP of unscripted and documentary series, told the outlet, "We're experimenting with the release format so you have time to dissect and dish on every step of the competition as it unfolds." The rest of the season will be out on June 30. 

So, what should "Too Hot to Handle" fans expect from the new season? Not only will the show take place in a new tropical location, Turks and Caicos, but Season 2's cast is apparently hotter and wilder, too. One cast member that is getting a lot of buzz is Kayla Carter. Want to know more about this new single? We've got all the info below! 

Kayla Jean Carter hails from Florida

So, who is "Too Hot to Handle"'s Kayla Jean Carter? According to People, this 26-year-old smoking hot single is from Florida and is a model/bartender. The outlet reports, "Laidback Florida girl Kayla is happiest when hanging at the beach, tanning and surfing — and eyeing up the talent." The outlet added that she, "loves a bad boy and has never been rejected. Her strict upbringing gave her a rebellious wild side when she left home, so ... breaking the rules come naturally to her." Huh! It will be interesting to learn more about that on the show.

Kayla's Instagram account is filled to the brim with scintillating posts, featuring her posing in bikinis, and also taking some smoldering selfies. In her bio, she says she is "Filipina/American" and also writes, "You're only as beautiful as you are kind." We'll see if she lives that mantra soon! She also appears to be a traveler, posting photos from mountainous Canada and more.

So, it's safe to assume that this "Too Hot to Handle" cast member is going to be one to watch on the show's new season. Could she be another Francesca Farago? Or does she lean more to Chloe Veitch's bubbly personality? Only time will tell until fans and see for themselves.