Why Lala Kent's Announcement Has Fans Confused

Some reality stars can get away with anything, while others have their each and every move picked apart by both their haters and their fans. "Vanderpump Rules" star Lala Kent falls into the latter category and now that she's announced she's taking her podcast on tour with her husband, people are calling her out. In case you missed it, the Bravo star hosts a podcast with her fiancé, Randall Emmett, called "Give Them Lala....With Randall." On it, they bring on a guest each week and dish about being on TV and starting their blended family, among other things. 

In June, Lala posted a promo pic with their tour dates, captioning the image, "This has truly been a lifelong dream of mine & I finally get to share it with all of YOU. 'Give Them Lala...With Randall LIVE' is going to be the wildest girls (& guys) night out experience." She added, "Can't wait to hang out with all of you!" Seems simple enough, right? Not so fast. 

Someone started a Reddit thread titled, "Did anyone actually ask for this?" and the answers to that question are a resounding "NO." But that's not the only criticism she's getting for her announcement. Read on to find out what people are accusing Lala of now. 

People think Lala is ripping off Beyoncé

Not only are people downright bored with the idea of Lala Kent and Randall Emmet taking their podcast on tour, they are also taking issue with the promo in it. In the pic, Lala and Randall are dressed up and standing in front of a version of a Mona Lisa painting. Many people have pointed out that it is oddly similar to a imagery from Jay-Z and Beyoncé's "Apes**t" video, in which they are standing in front of the actual Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris. Later, when accepting their 2018 BRIT award, the couple wasn't there in person to accept it, but sent a video message in which they recreate the scene. This time though, instead of the Mona Lisa, it was an image of Meghan Markle in pearls and a crown, done by Tim O'Brien. The couple also posed in front of the Leonardo da Vinci painting in 2014, per Harper's Bazaar

Likely, Lala thought she was paying homage to the power couple, but something is rubbing people the wrong way about it. On Reddit, one person wrote, "How pathetic. They should have made a funny version so it would seem like they were referencing it in a funny way, not just trying to copy it exactly. fools." Another concurred, "WHAT on Earth is this??? Not a Beyonce/Jay Z knock off photo?? Not the hideous Mona Lisa edit??" 

Sadly, it seems like plenty of other people agree, which doesn't bode well for her tour. Maybe she can turn it around by then.