Kelsey Owens Takes Us Inside All The Drama From Siesta Key Season 4 - Exclusive Interview

MTV's "Siesta Key" returned for a fourth season in 2021, and viewers have already seen some major surprises. Not only did most of the cast uproot their lives from Florida to spend time on a private island in the Grenadines amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Kelsey Owens and Juliette Porter's once seemingly perfect friendship has been facing some major hurdles. As the pair launch dueling swimwear lines, Kelsey and Juliette can't seem to meet eye to eye on anything, and that drama carries right over from Siesta Key to Palm Island.

Kelsey's swimwear line, By Kelsey Owens, recently launched four swimwear looks, each named for a member of the "Siesta Key" cast (minus Juliette, obviously), all of whom modeled their eponymous outfits. Understandably, Kelsey's bikinis quickly sold out, and fans are desperate to find out what's next for the model's beachwear brand. Nicki Swift sat down with "Siesta Key" star Kelsey Owens to find out what fans can expect from new episodes, whether she'll ever repair her friendship with Juliette Porter, and if Chloe Trautman has really changed.

Kelsey and Juliette's friendship will never be the same

A huge part of "Siesta Key" Season 4 is focused on your difficult friendship with Juliette. What can fans expect from new episodes?

I would just say, with being on an island, they will get to see a lot of awkwardness, because I think there was a lot of tension going into the island for both of us. So, kind of when you're stuck in a confined area and you're having breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything, and there's parties and alcohol involved, they can definitely see things and lots of tension rising.

It must have been quite strange being on a private island and not having anything else to do.

Yeah. It was definitely a lot crazier than I expected.

So is there any hope of reconciliation between you and Juliette?

I don't know. I think fans will have to see how everything kind of unravels, and we will just see.

You're not giving anything away.

No, that'd be no fun. The show is definitely worth watching to find out.

Kelsey Owens supports her Siesta Key castmates

Chloe is making some big decisions this season, and you expressed doubt that she has really changed. Why were you so skeptical?

I was very skeptical, because a lot of times in the past Chloe will act a certain way or go through phases, and they'll kind of come and fade. But over time, this is something that's stuck way longer and she's taken a lot more seriously than in the past. So, I'm proud of her in that sense, and I think, kind of going into the season, she was very headstrong on how everything had to be, and she wouldn't drink and she wouldn't date and all this stuff. And then over time, I think she's kind of loosened up and then gotten a happy medium. So, through that balance, it's way more something I see that she can maintain, so I'm glad about that.

Are you still good friends?

I don't think we've ever been super close. I would say I think both of us have kind of had tension with one another, but I 100% am proud of her. And I think being on the show together, it's something that no one else can relate to but this group of us, so I definitely do treasure her in that way.

This Siesta Key star's new romance is still going Strong

A new addition to the show this season is your boyfriend Max Strong. What's it been like introducing him on reality TV, and why is this relationship different from your previous ones?

It was scary, honestly. I was very nervous bringing him onto the show because our relationship — we kind of really kept to ourselves in the past. And so to bring him into a group that's very Type A personality, and we've all kind of been around one another, and he's from Kentucky. It's just a big thing for him to come into and kind of adapt to, but he's done a great job.

You seem relaxed and happy together.

It's nice to have him by my side. And also my ex, not Garrett but my ex, did not want to be a part of the show. So being able to be with someone who does want to be part of the show has meant the world to me.

Kelsey Owens on her decision to publicize her mom's MS diagnosis

I also wanted to talk to you about your mom, because I have multiple sclerosis too. And I thought it was so amazing that you shared her journey on the show, because it raised so much awareness about the condition and what people go through. Was it a difficult decision to share that on "Siesta Key," and how's she been?

It was a very difficult thing to share on the show. I think it's something that I'm very private about. So to kind of come out and talk about it and have my mom be a part of the show was very tough. But the other cast members, that's something that ... No matter what, we have our differences, but when it comes down to it, we all do care about one another. And that's something that every single cast member has showed such great support, and it means the world to me to have their support when it comes to family and all of that and her health. She's doing well. She has her good days and bad days, but she's just making the most of every day she gets.

I think you made the right decision moving to Florida, just living somewhere warm where you can all chill out.

Yeah, and that's how she was. She was just like, I just want to go somewhere where I can lay in bed, but see a pool and water and just have pretty things around me. So she's really been happy with the move. ... I can't even imagine other people sharing those kind of journeys. It's not easy I'm sure.

It's not, but I think it's great that you kind of surprised people in an MTV show by going into it.

I know. Who would have thought?

Big things are in store for Kelsey Owens' swimwear line

You recently launched your swimwear line, By Kelsey Owens, which sold out really quickly. What are your plans for the future of the brand?

We'll see. We're kind of ... There's lots of things in the mix that we're trying to figure out what's the best way to go. So I'm kind of keeping my cards close just until I get everything 100%, but very, very exciting things. I'm planning on launching more swimwear in the next two weeks and we'll also be restocked.

You got your start in the modeling industry, so are there any designers that you're hoping to collaborate with down the line?

I don't know. I think with designers they're usually eccentric and very out there, and with my swimwear, I'm trying to keep it very simple and everyday woman. So, I don't know. That's something that I would have to think of, and it would depend on what kind of ventures I went with my swimwear.

Is there anything else you want us to know about this season of "Siesta Key"?

I hope that people who watch keep an open mind and enjoy it. I think not even just speaking for myself, but many of the cast members, this was probably one of the hardest seasons for us to film. Just being on an island and being close to one another 24/7 was different than anything we'd ever experienced. And during a pandemic, it was just a really crazy stressful time, so I think all of us were kind of facing a lot throughout the season. You guys will get to see it all, but just to keep an open mind while watching the show.

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