Who Is Andy Murray's Wife, Kim Sears?

Professional tennis player Andy Murray is one of the most well-known players in the world. According to Britannica, Murray's prominence includes "winning three Grand Slam titles and two men's singles Olympic gold medals." Even at 34, Murray is still making rumblings in the prominent 2021 professional tennis tournaments, such as Wimbledon, which runs this year from June 28 to July 11. Per Express, Murray has been training with other pro tennis player Roger Federer and "has vowed to give his all at Wimbledon," though there are rumors this could be his final time there. Murray "has been plagued by injuries in recent years," noted Express, "but, despite that, he's still going strong and determined to compete with the finest players on the planet."

As Murray still trains and tries to remain in the big Grand Slams of tennis, one supporter is always there in the stands cheering him on. His wife, Kim Sears, is one of Murray's biggest fans — and per The Times, is someone he talks about even when he is asked about his one-of-a-kind-career.

Want to know more about Kim Sears? From how they met to when they got married to how many children they share together, here's everything we know about Murray's No. 1 support and partner. Keep reading to find out. 

All about Andy Murray and Kim Sears' sweet romance

In a 2021 interview with The Times, Andy Murray opened up about his wife, Kim Sears, and their family. According to Good Housekeeping, the duo met in August 2005 at a party for the U.S. Open (per Hello, Sears' father was "head of the women's section of the lawn tennis association in England.") The pair then dated off and on until they officially locked it down and married in 2015. (While Murray was winning championships in those years, Sears was "studying English literature at the University of Sussex," per Hello.) Now they share four kids together, who Murray says has helped him be a better tennis player. 

He told The Times (via Hello), "Before I had kids ... winning or losing was dictating my mood to a certain extent, which is not the best way to live life." He added: "After having kids, and you lose a match, there's something else to focus on. I'm not as down about losses now, and I don't get as excited, probably, about winning tennis matches as I did when I was younger."

It looks like Sears and their family have helped Murray see what really matters in life, which led to a better headspace on the courts. Let's hope after a year of lockdown with his family (he helped with a lot of homeschooling), is only going to make him a better tennis player. Here's to hoping he makes it far in Wimbledon 2021!