How Britney Spears Really Felt Prior To Speaking Out In Court

The #FreeBritney movement was kicked into turbo gear the moment Britney Spears spoke publicly about her conservatorship, which is controlled mostly by her father, for the first time in a hearing on June 23, per the Associated Press. Spears requested her statement to the judge be open for everyone to hear because she hasn't been able to speak for herself in the past 13 years. The judge did not allow the hearing to be recorded or filmed, but the press could listen to Spears speak live. 

In her emotional statement, Spears said she felt the conservatorship was abusive and made several shocking allegations — including that she was forced to get an IUD, isn't allowed to get married, and that she was institutionalized and medicated against her will — and ultimately told the judge she wants to end the conservatorship without an additional examination. Unlike many fans who were listening in, Spears didn't shed a tear once. From the outside, she sounded strong, determined, and logical.

But was she really feeling as confident as she seemed?

Britney Spears spoke openly about her conservatorship for the first time

Britney Spears told the judge, "I also would like to be able to share my story with the world, and what they did to me, instead of it being a hush-hush secret to benefit all of them." She also said she wanted and deserved some big changes. "I want my life back."

There was a lot riding on this statement, and Spears was understandably a little nervy before it began. "Britney was very nervous about speaking in front of the judge," a source told People. "She was also very grateful that she was allowed." According to the unnamed source, "this is her life, and she wants big changes."

Since her revelatory speech, which generated thousands of tweets and messages in support, Spears hasn't posted to social media or made any other comments to the press. So, we don't know how she feels after having spoken freely as she wanted to. At the very least, we hope she's seen how many people are behind her.